Pink Gloves, YouTube Vid Inspire Fight Against Cancer
Video featuring hospital staff in pink gloves has over 1.6 mil hits on YouTube.
Experimental Drug Gives Cancer Patients Hope
After a report on ABC's 'World News,' hundreds sought new cancer treatment.
Helping Senior Citizens Behind the Wheel
Accident rates for seniors age 70 and up is second only to teenagers.
Over-The-Counter Alternative to Statin Drugs?
Red yeast rice helps reduce cholesterol, new study finds.
Intrepid Mother Diagnoses Son's Rare Disorder
Boy's condition baffled doctors until his mother found a diagnosis online.
The Latest Breakthroughs in Building Bones
New research uncovers revolutionary way to heal broken bones faster.
Alzheimer's Care: Personal & Financial Costs
With no cure for Alzheimer's, families must often provide years of tough care.
How to Save Memories From Alzheimer's
National project preserves personal stories before they are lost forever.
Goodbye to Yearly Flu Shots?
New research shows promise for lifelong protection against the flu.
Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors by 'Cooking'
A radically new approach attacks remote tumors once unreachable with surgery.
Unequal Epidemic: Strokes Worse in Women
Higher incidence of death, damage from strokes points to inequality of care.
Broken Bone Breakthrough?
A revolutionary drug may help heal broken bones faster and with less pain.
Making Fatherhood a Reality
Cancer survivor's 22 year-old frozen sperm produces a daughter.
Have Anti-Smoking Ads Gone Too Far?
New York City airs disturbing commercials to encourage people to quit smoking.
Alzheimer's Costly Care
With no cure, family members are left to provide years of difficult care.
Saving Memories
The Memory Loss Initiative records aging Americans' stories for free.
Battling Food Allergies
Small amounts of supervised food could help desensitize allergies.
Over Diagnosed?
Researchers say many prostate cancer patients can live with low-risk cells.
Women's Drinking Danger
New research points to a link between moderate alcohol consumption and cancer.
The Heart of an Epidemic
Doctors are questioning why there is an epidemic of women suffering strokes.
Cutting-Edge Chemo Saturation
People diagnosed with deadly live cancer find hope in new treatment.
Ethics of Octuplets
Some doctors argue that planting so many embryos is a medical malpractice.
Less Food, More Thought
A strict diet and weight loss could improve your memory.
Reducing Surgery Errors
Surgeons use verbal checklists to reduce complications in operations.
A New Mother's Heart Warning
A closer look at a deadly, yet often overlooked, type of heart failure.
Revolutionary Back Surgery
A new type of spine surgery for lower back pain allows for a faster recovery.
Father and Daughter Fight Breast Cancer
Two family members grow closer as they undergo cancer treatment together.
The Power of Prayer?
An amazing tale of recovery that has baffled some of the country's top doctors.
Study May Debunk Vaccine, Autism Link
New research indicates no relation between autism and MMR inoculations.
Boy Lives On Through Gift of Life
One family's loss is the perfect match for another suffering family.
Performing Surgery on Unborn Babies
A closer look at some of the most remarkable surgeries.
Promising Experimental Cancer Drug
A new treatment for prostate cancer offers new hope to men.
Study Reveals Diets' Effectiveness
Low-fat, low-carb or Mediterranean-style diets all offer different results.
Miracle Drug Could Be the Will to Live
Newborn son was the key to a father's recovery from a torn aorta.
Celebrating Life at Prom
How one hospital helps cancer patients become prom kings and queens.
Deep Brain Stimulation
Experimental, radical technique shows promise in difficult cases of depression.
Peak Time for Indoor Tanning
Doctors warn women that UV light from tanning salons increases risk of cancer.
New Research on Malignant Tumors
ABC's John McKenzie explains experimental treatments for brain tumor patients.
Ammar's Story
An Iraqi boy receives life-saving surgery with the help of U.S. Marines.
Medical Treasure Thrown Away?
Cells from the umbilical cords of newborn babies can be used to fight diseases.
Parents Affect Child's Sleep and Weight
Poor sleep patterns in children often the result of parents' behavior.
Two-Drug Combo Fights Hypertension
Potential treatment for millions with high blood pressure proves promising.
Breakthrough: Autistic Teen Finds Voice
Carly Fleishman communicates via computer, offering insight into the disorder.
Doctors Heal a Broken Heart
An extraordinary story of a race to save a woman's life.
Three Parents and One Embryo
In England scientist synthesized this embryo through in-vitro fertilization.
Zapping Brains Back To the Future
Doctors are hopeful a new procedure may one day help Alzheimer's patients.
U.S. Marines Help Iraqi Boy
A young Iraqi boy with a heart problem receives life-changing surgery in U.S.
Return to Hopkins
Cameras are rolling once again at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
Cholesterol Drugs for Kids
Some pediatricians recommend statins for children with high cholesterol.
An American Family Gives Thanks
In the face of many troubles one family still manages to be thankful.