Heart Pump as Effective as a Transplant?
An experimental pump helped one woman's heart pump blood on its own again.
New Heart Pump Will Save Women, Too
Salina Gonzales' successful heart device brings hope to other women.
Heart Disease, Stroke-Related Deaths Down in U.S.
Death rates from heart ailments are dropping faster than ever.
Why Hospitals Are Dangerous Places for Heart Attacks
Delayed defibrillation in hospitals could kill thousands of Americans yearly.
Heart Trauma: Women's Symptoms Overlooked
New study finds startling number of women's heart problems given improper care.
Child-Size Heart Treatment Saves 5-Year-Old's Life
FDA allows nonapproved treatment to save 5-year-olds life.
New Guidelines to Protect Women's Hearts
Doctors May Underestimate Women's Risk of Heart Disease Risk
Pollution Leaves Women at Greater Risk for Heart Disease, Death
Study Tracks Women for Nearly a Decade and Finds Alarming Results
Adding Omega-3 to Your Diet
Where to Find Fatty Acids in Fish, Nuts and Other Foods
Heart Attack Relief? The Truth About Omega-3
As More Foods Are Fortified With Omega-3, Questions Arise About Its Effectiveness
Student With Rare Cancer Races for Own Cure
Duke U. student learns that Duke is only place which focuses on his rare cancer.
Pregnancy and Cancer: Two Lives at Risk
One woman simultaneously faces the happiest and scariest moments of her life.
Breast Cancer and Your Diet
Does diet affect breast cancer treatment?
The Healing Power of Work
Cancer patients say a return to the office adds normalcy to a difficult time.
Don't Get Burned: Sunscreen Shopping Tips
Pick a high SPF and shop carefully as the labels are not regulated.
Cancer Patients Agonize, FDA Deliberates
New prostate cancer drug awaits approval, despite initial FDA support.
Patients With Incurable Breast Cancer Describe Living on Borrowed Time
When Cures Are Not Available, Birthdays Take on New Meaning
Breast Cancer Screening Test May Find Disease When Mammograms Miss
Doctors Tout Procedure Using Radioactive Liquid to Detect Cancer
Long-Term Side Effects for Kids Getting Chemo
A new Study Shows Finds Children Who Get Chemo Face Chronic Illnesses later in Life
So Few Volunteers for Cancer Studies
Too Few Cancer Patients Know About Ongoing Clinical Trials
Doctors Disagree Over Chemo for Breast Cancer
Leading Physicians Share a Friendship but Differ on Treatment
Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Provide 'Remarkable Insight' on Disorder
Autistic 13-year-old explains her feelings and behavior in words.
Autistic Girl's Parents Respond to Some of Viewers' Biggest Questions
How did Carly learn to read and write? Is she cured of autism?
Principal Gives Gift of Life
School principal volunteers to donate a kidney to save student's life.
Hearing Test Thought to Prevent SIDS
Reserchers find a potential link between fatal condition and hearing ability.
A Peanut That Won't Kill the Allergic
Researchers get closer to finding a peanut all children can enjoy.
Autism Advocates Split Over Mysterious Disorder's Cause
A family devoted to helping a relative is now caught up in a fierce debate.
ADHD Frequently Missed in Girls
Teachers, Parents Less Likely to Catch Condition as Girls Are Generally Calmer Than Boys
Study: Flu Misdiagnosed in Most Children
Study Finds 75 Percent of Preschool Children Not Properly Diagnosed
Goodbye to Yearly Flu Shots?
New research shows promise for lifelong protection against the flu.
Alzheimer's Boom: 1 in 8 Baby Boomers to Develop Disease
New report predicts 10 million Americans will suffer from Alzheimer's.
When Flu Shots Fail
Health officials reformulating flu vaccine for first time in more than 20 years.
Healing the Effects of a Broken Heart
How an innovative treatment can save the brain when the heart lacks oxygen.
Three Parents, One Embryo
A controversial technique may be the answer for fatal disease.
Can Deep Brain Stimulation Unlock Lost Memories?
Electrical currents in the brain may offer treatment to people with Alzheimer's.
What Drug Companies Hide From You
Makers of Vytorin withheld test results for two years, investigation reveals.
Can You Be Fit and Fat?
Maybe it's OK to be fat -- if you're fit, new medical study finds.
FDA Puts American Lives at Risk
A new report says the FDA is understaffed and underfunded.
Woman Wakes Up Mid-Surgery, Paralyzed and in Pain
"I was buried alive inside myself," patient says.
Bye Bye Jello, Hospitals Go Gourmet
Menus get a makeover with steak, citrus sauces and other gourmet flavors.
Some Hospitals Speed Wait Times
Care centers that circumvent long, painful ER waits.
Dangerous Cures? Drug Safety Questions
Doctors raise concerns over safety and the medications we take.
Doctor Proposes Sales of Kidneys
Says Regulated Sales Would Address Organ Shortage -- But Foes Fear Exploitation
Woman in Vegetative State Shows Ability to Imagine
Researchers Study Brain Activity of Seemingly Unconscious Patient
Clinton, Gates Bring Star Power to AIDS Talk
Leaders Use Connections and Cash to Benefit Global Health
New FDA Approved Birth Control: Right For You?
Answers to Questions About Women's Contraceptive Implanon
Coffee Found to Reduce Risk of Diabetes
New Studies Indicate Both Decaf and Regular May Fight Diseases
Student Works to Save His Life
A Duke University student researches his rare form of cancer to find a cure.
Study May Debunk Vaccine, Autism Link
New research indicates no relation between autism and MMR inoculations.
Boy Lives On Through Gift of Life
One family's loss is the perfect match for another suffering family.