'Anchors Away' for the Boy Reporter
Ted Koppel and Sam Donaldson recall Jennings' first stint as an ABC News anchor.
Young Gun: Peter's Sudden Impact
Ted Koppel: "You felt more alive when Peter Jennings was in the room."
Going Overseas: Middle East and Beyond
"Being a foreign correspondent for an American television network in the 1960s was just about the best job in the world."
A Changing of the Guard at ABC News
Peter is named solo anchor for "World News Tonight" in 1983.
Breaking News -- Control Amid Chaos
"We were rattled ... Peter would say, 'I want you all to calm down. Everything's OK, I've got control here.'"
Behind the Scenes at 'World News Tonight'
Jennings molds the news broadcast as an editor and writer.
On the Air, and on the Edge
While his colleagues were often nervous or frazzled, Jennings was always in control.
Writing the First Draft of History
"We ask questions," said Jennings of a journalist's job.
The Search for Jesus
Jennings fights to make a documentary on the life and times of Jesus Christ.
The Dawn of a New Millennium
Jennings leads ABC News' 24-hour global coverage of the turn of the millennium.
Attack on America: Sept. 11, 2001
Barbara Walters: "His presence...said, 'We're going to be OK. We're going to get through this.'"
'Cocky,' 'Charming,' 'Fundamentally Goofy'
Family and friends recall the man away from the newsroom.
Citizen of the World & an American Citizen
The anchor from Canada becomes a United States citizen.
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