Dramatic Video Shows Person Stuck in Car After Crane Crash in Manhattan
The crash in Tribeca left one person dead and three others injured.
Donald Trump Says GOP Debate Will be 'Incredible'
Trump will return to the debate stage tomorrow night.
Clinton Losing National Lead Over Sanders, Poll Shows
The race for the Democratic nomination has tightened up.
Northeast Hit by Snowstorm, More Snow Possible
It was a messy commute this morning.
How Alleged 'Bonnie and Clyde' Crime Spree Unfolded
Investigators in at least four states were interested in the couple.
Feds Eye Laptop Bomb in Somalia Mid-Air Explosion: Sources
FBI to help investigate what caused an explosion inside a plane at 11,000 feet.
Zika Virus: CDC Advises Condoms, Abstinence to Stop Sexually Transmitted Cases
One case of sexually transmitted Zika virus was reported in Dallas.
Tips to Avoid Buyer's Remorse With Your New Car
A record 17.4 million new cars and trucks were sold last year.
Kidney Transplant Turns Acquaintances Into Brothers
A UPS driver donated his organ to a man he saw on his route.
Pentagon Releases Photos of Alleged Detainee Abuse by US in Iraq, Afghanistan
The photos were taken as part of an investigation into allegations of abuse.
The Evolution of Playboy, From First Centerfold to Last Nude Issue
The magazine will be re-launched this weekend.
WN 02/07/16: Candidates on Both Sides Pull Out the Stops Two Days Before New Hampshire Primary
Double Decker Bus Explosion in London Part of Film Shoot, Scares Locals; Unattended Vehicles Sink Through Ice on Warm Day in...
ABC News' Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt's 10th Anniversary of Being Attacked in Iraq
The two journalists, badly injured by a roadside bomb, celebrate their recovery and "tenth" alive day with wounded warriors.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Message About Having Multiple Sclerosis
"Sopranos" star is giving people with the disease hope and wants them to know they can fight it too.
The Power of Made in America All Over the World
Find out why this delicious treat is such a hit and what the enticing smell had to do with its winning recipe for success.
Made in America Team Finds Another Staple Product Produced in the States
McIlhenny Tabasco sauce has been manufacturing hot sauce and creating jobs in Louisiana since 1868.
Simple Tips to Save on Heating Costs
With the cold weather here to stay here are some easy ways to lower your home heating costs.
Young Girl's Special Bond With Her Service Dog George
Bella, who was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome, a rare disorder that attacks the bones, is unstoppable when George is by her...