A Marine's Progress
Bob Woodruff Follows Progress of Young Soldier Who Suffered Devastating Brain Injury, Recovered With His Mother's Help
War on the Brain: TBI Recovery
Victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families struggle with recovery.
Iraq Vet Speaks to 'World News' Viewers
Marine Cpl. Jeff Landay and his mother answered viewers' questions.
Top Docs Bring Hope to Scarred Vets
UCLA plastic surgeons donate their services through Operation Mend.
Woodruff Reports: Soldier's Iraq Tour Extended, Then an IED Hits
Will Glass Recovers From TBI, Expresses Frustrations With Military Policy
'Something Was Different.' Vet Copes with Invisible Injury
Iraq Veteran Warren Hardy Suffers From an Undiagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury
The Other Front Line: Caring for Wounded Vets
Bob Woodruff Reports on the Extraordinary Courage of the Families of Injured Service Members
An Unforeseen Cost of War
Thousands of Veterans Are Returning From War With Traumatic Brain Injuries
Brain Injuries Overlooked at Some Veterans Hospitals
Local VA Outposts Often Unprepared to Deal With Injuries Sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan
The Journey Back From Brain Injury
Rehabilitation and Recovery a Gradual and Uncertain Process
Answers to Your Questions About Brain Injury
Scientists and doctors have only just begun to unravel the mysteries of brain injuries. Here, some of the country's leading...
Where Our Heroes Heal
Bob Woodruff Follows the Rehabilitation of Injured Veterans
Lessons from Football Field to Battlefield
Special helmets measure brain trauma sustained by football players and soldiers.
Improved Body Armor and Medicine Save Lives in Iraq
In Vietnam, Woodruff and Vogt's Chances Would Not Have Been as Good
Heroic Iraqi Translator's New Kentucky Home
Translator that helped save Bob Woodruff's life arrives in the U.S.
22,000 Are Discharged With 'Pre-Existing' Personality Disorder
Critics question discharge of 22,000 vets, some who lost medical benefits.
Does Vet Care Upgrade Go Far Enough?
Bob Dole pledges to keep pressure on White House to improve veterans' care.
Congress Promises Veterans Health Care Improvements
Woodruff Special Calls Attention to 'Signature Wound' of War, Substandard Conditions at Walter Reed Exposed
How the Military Repaid Disabled Vets
Military called brain damage and destroyed spleen a "10 percent" disability.
America's Heroes at Work
A new program addresses the challenges of returning veterans.
Woodruff's Drs on Brain Injury Treatment
Bob Woodruff's doctors answer questions on traumatic brain injury.
Undiagnosed Invisible Wounds
RAND Study Says 600,000 troops are suffering from traumatic brain injury.
Soldiers Recover From Brain Injuries
Bob Woodruff profiles four soldiers struggling to overcome TBI suffered in Iraq.
A Marine Bravely Overcoming Brain Injury
Bob Woodruff talks with a young Marine who suffered a brain injury in Iraq.
The Road Back From Brain Injury
An update on the condition of soldiers who suffered traumatic brain injuries.
Wounded Troops Back in Battle
Troops reporting post-traumatic stress disorder are stuck on the front lines.
Building IED-Proof Humvees
Bob Woodruff reports on vehicles that would protect troops from roadside bombs.
Roadside IEDs Take Toll on U.S. GIs
Nearly one in five U.S. soldiers suffers from PTS disorder or major depression.
Reporting From the Frontlines
Bob Woodruff brings to light the stories of those surviving in Iraq.
Soldier Leaves Legacy Behind
An Army sergeant sent to Iraq leaves a journal for his unborn son.
First Christmas Together in 15 Years
Four brothers return from war to celebrate Christmas with their mother.
Camp Cope for Troops' Children
Trained counselors help children who have had a parent injured at war.
Woodruff to Bush: Are We Moving Fast Enough for Vets?
In the Oval Office, President Bush praises Bob Woodruff's "will to recover."
Dave Matthews Defends U.S. Soldiers
In a rare interview, Matthews speaks out against disturbing military discharges.
Troops Rebuild Their Faces and Lives
UCLA has teamed up with VA hospitals to offer free plastic surgery to veterans.
Recovery From a Knife Attack
An army sergeant was stabbed in the head by an Iraqi teenager.
Portraits of Patriotism
Artist and veteran Michael Reagan has painted 1,200 portraits of fallen heroes.