Moments Before Keith Lamont Scott's Fatal Shooting Seen in New Video
The video was provided to ABC News by attorneys for Scott's family.
What's Next for Tulsa Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting
She was charged with manslaughter and released on bond.
'I Did the Shooting': Orlando Nightclub Massacre 911 Calls Revealed
Omar Mateen refers to "homeboy" Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston bombers.
Everything You Need to Know About the Presidential Debates
Everything You Need to Know About the Presidential Debates
Heavy Rainfall Floods Midwest, Closing Schools, Roads
A state of emergency declared in parts of the Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Yahoo Reveals Massive Breach of Data from 500M Accounts
The hack happened in late 2014 but wasn't discovered until weeks ago.
‘Land of Chances’: From Jordan to the US, Syrian Refugees Overcome Obstacles to Start New Life
ABC News' David Muir traveled to Amman to check out the screening process.
A Syrian Refugee Family Begins Again in California
The Al Jawabras fled to Jordan to escape the war but had planned to return home.
Towels in US Marriott Hotels to Be Made in America
The move will bring 150 jobs to Standard Textile's facilities in Ga. and S.C.
Spring Cleaning Tips to Turn Used Books, Gadgets Into Cash
Websites to help you unclutter your home and put money in your pocket.
Airlines Looking to Make Window or Aisle Seats a Costly Luxury
Fliers might have to pay up to avoid sitting in the middle.
Dentist Accused of Harming Children While Making Millions
Parents say Dr. Schneider extracted healthy baby teeth from their children.
Allergists Warn Against Using 'DIY EpiPen'
The rising cost of EpiPens has driven some to look for alternatives.
A 6-Year-Old Writes a Compassionate Letter to President Obama
In his letter, Alex wrote that he would like to bring an injured boy from Aleppo to live with him in the U.S.
A Woman Confronts 3 Suspects During a Home Invasion, Killing One
ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people have been buzzing about.
WN 09/23/16: New Video Allegedly Shows Bomber Planting Luggage on Street in NYC
Wife of man killed in Charlotte police shooting reveals video; Massive hack attack at Yahoo.
Neighborhood Popsicle Man Gets a Big Payday
Loyal customers raised nearly $385K dollars for the beloved popsicle salesman Fidencio Sanchez.
Little Girl Rescued From Chinese Orphanage Is Reunited With Friend
Parents who adopted 3-year-old Hannah from China helped find her friend a family to be part of.
Teachers Across the Country Who Get Kids Excited About Returning to School
Dancing, walking students home from school and collecting backpacks for the children who need them are just some of the...
Sherrill Manufacturing: Win for New York Silverware Co.
Sherrill Manufacturing said that foreign silverware manufacturers were removed from US government site.