Why Chocolate Could Be the Next Casualty of Ebola
About 70 percent of the global cocoa supply comes from West Africa.
Drug Shares Jump After News of First American Ebola Case
At least two companies that produce Ebola drugs soared on news of US case.
Small Businesses Scramble to Keep Top Staffers
As more workers quit, small businesses are working to keep top talent from leaving
US Stocks Drop Sharply; Airlines Sink
US stocks slide, and Dows fall 200 points, after weaker economic news, slide in airline stocks
GM Says Parts Are Ready to Fix Recalled Small Cars
General Motors says it has enough parts to fix ignition switches in recalled small cars
Dow Drops 200 Points on Lackluster Economic News
Dow falls 200 points on weaker economic news, slide in airlines over Ebola fears
Why Derek Jeter Says He's 'Not a Robot'
Days after retiring, the Yankees shortstop has embarked on a new career.
Amazon Closing Distribution Plant in Kansas
Amazon closing Kansas distribution plant next year; not clear how many employees affected
Dow Falls 200 Points on Disappointing Economic News, Drop in Airline Stocks Over Ebola Fears
Dow falls 200 points on disappointing economic news, drop in airline stocks over Ebola fears
US Construction Spending Down 0.8 Percent
US construction spending falls 0.8 percent in August with widespread weakness in all sectors
Coca-Cola Revises Executive Pay After Criticism
Coca-Cola revises executive pay plan after criticism from Buffett, others
Truck Deals Boost US Auto Sales in September
GM, Chrysler lead a strong US industry in September thanks to deals on pickup trucks
Why You Need to Buy Christmas Flights (Well) Before Halloween
If it's flights you're purchasing, get ready to book.
What You Can Learn From Those Real Estate TV Shows
Real estate shows can be unrealistic at times, but some lessons are practical.
When Money's Tight, Crowd Fund the Down Payment
Have your friends and family pay for that home improvement project.
What Really Happens After Your Credit Card Is Stolen
Take a peek inside the cybercriminal underground to explore this reality.
I Lost $70K Playing Fantasy Football
When it comes to sports, this man has a weak spot -- fantasy football.
Vacations Now Come With 24/7 Social Media Assistants
There's nothing more annoying than interrupting your vacation to post a selfie.
There's No Such Thing as Free Mortgage Refinancing
You can't refinance your mortgage for free. Sorry.
How Auto Mechanics Can Rip You Off
... and how drivers can avoid being taken for a ride.
How This Mom Travels the World for Almost Nothing
Summer Hull is strategic with her credit card purchases to rack up points.
$16K Poured Into Walk-In Tub That Won???t Stop Leaking
ABC News Fixer calls in the big guns to fix the flooding, eventually.
The Lie That Could Keep You Safe From Hackers
Here are reasons why you may consider lying about your personal information.
6 Timeless Fashion Tips to Make Your Old Clothes Look New
Tips to turn your sexy summer outfits into hot fall fashion statements.
Car Parts Business Disappeared With My Money
ABC News Fixer tries to track down slippery company after reader loses $1,500.
5 Ways to Save Big on Car Insurance
If you're paying a bundle for auto coverage, read this.
Plastic Bag Makers Fight California's Ban
Plastic to be phased out at large grocery store checkout counters next summer.
Think Twice Before You Buy That Extended Warranty
What if you paid hundreds of dollars to buy an extended warranty on your kitchen appliances only to find out a critical piece...
Chrysler Sales Soar
Chrysler reports strong September sales; a 19 percent increase for the automaker owned by Fiat.
PayPal Splits From EBay
Online payment service expected to branch out to other online retailers.
EBay Auctioning Off PayPal
EBay is set to break off PayPal into a standalone, publicly-traded company by 2015.
PIMCO Losing Big Bucks
Global investment firm PIMCO is suffering from a big bond sell-off in the wake of the departure of co-founder, Bill Gross.
Janus Jumps While Pimco Slumps
Bond fund trader Bill Gross leaves firm he founded.
Default Rates Drop on Student Loans
The percentage of borrowers who have defaulted on student loans is dropping, an encouraging sign for the overall economy
Under Armour Co-Founder, Former NFL Player Sells Ranch
The former Dallas Cowboys player sold his ranch in Colorado.
New York Prewar Homes For Sale
These Big Apple homes may be classic and sturdy, but they are very expensive.
Will.i.am Designs Lexus to Capture the Ultimate Panoramic Photo
The four external, interconnected cameras capture panoramic pictures and video.