Syrian Children Forage Through Trash to Survive
“I got used to the smell of garbage. Some of it stinks more than others," says nine-year-old Maher, laughing at his own...
Goodbye Facebook Revolutions? Page Supporting Putin Critic Blocked
A page supporting Alexei Navalny was blocked in Russia.
US Sending 4 Gitmo Prisoners Back to Afghanistan
Department of Defense: 132 detainees remain at Gitmo.
Barbara Walters Talks About Her Meetings With Fidel Castro
She has interviewed the Cuban leader twice over the course of three decades.
These American Fugitives May Be Hiding Out in Cuba
Havana has been a haven for American fugitives for decades.
FBI Blames North Korea for Sony Hacking
Feds say they have "enough information" to make that conclusion.
How Scientists Found Deepest-Ever Fish 5 Miles Down
The fish is 20 cm in length, with a distinct snout similar to a cartoon dog.
Pope Francis Celebrates Birthday by Donating 400 Sleeping Bags
The pontiff donated sleeping bags to Rome's homeless for his 78th birthday.
Kim Jong-un Invited to Russia for Victory Day Celebration
The North Korean leader was invited to attend celebration in Red Square.
What It Takes to Set Up a New Embassy In Cuba
Not as much as you would think.
N. Korea Threatens Strikes on US Amid Hacking Claims
North Korea threatens strikes on US for "reckless" rumors over Sony hacking
South Korea Lowers Outlook on Weak Private Sector
South Korea lowers growth outlook for 2015 citing weak consumption, investment
France: Driver Goes on Rampage, Feeding Fears
Amid fears of extremist attacks in France, driver rampages around Dijon, slams into passersby
Australian Woman Charged With Murder of 8 Children
Australian woman charged with murder of 8 children whose bodies were found inside her home
Interim Prime Minister Named in Politically Fractious Haiti
Haitian health minister named as interim prime minister amid political crisis
Nigerian Islamic Extremists Pose Regional Threat
Nigeria's Boko Haram extremists pose regional threat with cross-border attacks and recruitment
Exit Poll: Ex-Regime Official Is Tunisia's New President
Exit poll hands former regime minister victory in Tunisian presidential election
Protester Takes Perch on St. Peter's Fa??ade
Entrepreneur protests Italian government reforms.
Egypt President Awards Medal to Retired Spy Chief
Egypt President awards retired spy chief with one of state's highest awards
Pakistan Makes Arrests in Taliban School Carnage
Pakistan makes arrests in Taliban school carnage that killed 148
Biggest Holiday Travel Day; Pakistan Launches Offensive Against Taliban; Michael Phelps Guilty of DUI
Millions travelling today for holidays; Pakistan launches offensive against Taliban after deadly school attack; Michael...
Barbara Walters on Her Unforgettable Interview with Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters recalls her five-hour interview with Fidel Castro in 1977.
Barbara Walters On Fidel Castro Promising to Shave His Beard
Cuban leader promise to shave off his iconic beard if the U.S. embargo was lifted.
Barbara Walters Had to Have Bodyguards After the Fidel Castro Interview
Barbara Walters received death threats and hate mail after infamous 1977 interview.
Barbara Walters' First Impression of Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters explains the duality of Fidel Castro's charm and assertiveness.
Barbara Walters On Why There Aren't Fidel Castro Posters Throughout Cuba
Barbara Walters explains how Fidel Castro viewed his own image.
Fidel Castro Asked Barbara Walters to Pay Him For An Interview
Barbara Walters tells the story of why she gave Fidel Castro a signed five dollar bill.
US Officially Blames North Korea for Sony Hacking
Analysis of malicious software shows a link "to other malware that the FBI knows North Korean actors previously developed."
'Deepest Fish' Filmed 5 Miles Underwater
The footage was captured by an international expedition in the Marian Trench. (NO AUDIO)
8 Kids Found Stabbed to Death at Australian Home
The mother of the children was found alive, but suffering from stab wounds.
This Week 12/21: Reactions to the Execution-Style Shooting of NYPD Officers
Guests: Ray Kelly, Fran Townsend, Thor Halvorssen, Howard Dean, Ana Navarro, Cokie Roberts, Bill Kristol
GMA 12/21: The Shooting Ambush of Two NYPD Officers
Who Is the Alleged Brooklyn Shooter, Ismaaiyl Brinsley? Sony Hackers Allegedly Mock FBI Investigation
Nightline 12/19: 'Interview' Controversy: Did Sony Make The Right Move?
Tracking Too-Good-To-Be-True 'Free Vacation' Mail Offer; How Brick and Mortor Stores Are Taking On Online Shopping
2020 12/19: Stephen Collins Describes 'Inappropriate' Encounter with 10-Year-Old
Baby Clings to Life After Flash-Bang Grenade Lands in His Crib; Woman Caught on Camera Taking Packages from Family's...
WN 12/19: Colorado Shooter James Holmes' Parents Say He Suffers from Severe Mental Illness
New Ray Rice Video Shows What Happened After the Elevator Incident; Michael Phelps Caught on Camera Allegedly Driving While...
This Week 12/14: The Release of the CIA Torture Report
Guests: Michael Hayden, David Koch, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Keith Ellison, Michael Smerconish