Boston Bombing Suspect???s Widow Under Investigation
Authorities believe Katherine Russell went with husband to buy pressure cookers.
Massive Winter Storm Bringing Snow, Ice and Wind Hits 30 States
The precipitation caused accidents and shut down roads from Utah to Maine.
Identity of Homeless Man Shot by LAPD Questioned
Two investigations into the police shooting of the man are ongoing.
Alabama Supreme Court Orders a Stop to Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Court says state law says marriage is between one man and one woman.
Inside the Museum Dedicated to Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
Two Brooklyn roommates started a Kickstarter fund as a joke.
Senators Want Investigation Into Agency Overseeing Guardrail Safety
Lawmakers cite "questionable testing" amid guardrail controversy.
High School Principal Pranked With Praise by Senior Class
Sherman Padgett was simply told to hold a bucket in the school's hallway.
Why the Chicago Cubs Hold the Keys to the 'Back to the Future' Car
A museum is giving away the car if the Chicago Cubs win the 2015 World Series.
Tamir Rice's Mom Calls City's Apology 'Disrespectful'
The Cleveland mayor has apologized for the wording but not the shooting.
Ex-CIA Chief Admits Sharing Military Secrets With Mistress
Ex-CIA chief Petraeus to plead guilty to mishandling classified materials shared with mistress
Alabama Supreme Court Halts Gay-Marriage Licenses
Alabama Supreme Court orders probate judges to stop issuing gay-marriage licenses
3-Year-Old Boy Shoots Little Brother in the Head
3-year-old Tennessee boy shoots 18-month old brother in the head
Man Killed by Los Angeles Police Was Wanted by US Marshals
Homeless man killed by Los Angeles police was wanted by US marshals, living under false ID
Agents Target Industry Helping Chinese Women Have US Babies
Federal agents target industry that helps Chinese women have American-born babies
APNewsBreak: 72 Passengers Reach Settlements in Asiana Crash
APNewsBreak: 72 passengers reach settlements in lawsuits stemming from deadly Asiana crash
Vegas Hospital Sends Stillborn Babies to Laundry by Mistake
Police: Las Vegas hospital sent 2 stillborn babies wrapped in linens to laundry facility
Ferguson Probe to Reveal Pattern of Discrimination
New report by Justice Department finds racial bias amongst police, city officials.
Day In Pictures 3.3.15
Netanyahu Addresses Congress, Cape Town Battles Wildfires, Kenya Torches Tusks On World Wildlife Day
DOJ to Release Findings in Ferguson PD Probe
The Department of Justice's investigation is expected to reveal a pattern of discrimination at the Ferguson Police...
Name of the 'Homeless' Victim in LAPD Shooting Released
Witnesses say that Charley Robinet was called "Africa" by his friends.
Tamir Rice's Mom Says City's Apology Over Wording Is 'Disrespectful'
Samaria Rice says she would accept an apology for the killing of her son "with some actions."
Stunned Motorist Calls 911 After Gold Heist
A passing driver saw two bound guards on the side of the interstate following an alleged robbery of their armored truck.
Georgia Woman's Execution Delayed Over Drug Concerns
The drug to be used in the execution of Kelly Renee Gissendaner was sent to a lab to check for potency.
New Video Shows Man Before Deadly LAPD Shooting
Surveillance video shows another angle of the altercation between a homeless man on Skid Row and the LAPD.
Cleveland Leaders Apologize Over Tamir Rice Comments
Mayor Frank Jackson apologized today for comments in court documents that suggested 12-year-old Tamir Rice was to blame for...
Police Chief Defends LAPD's Actions in Officer Involved Shooting
Chief Charlie Beck urges people not judge actions from cell phone video.
GMA 03/03/15: Hillary Clinton Never Used Government Email While Secretary of State
NASDAQ Nears 15-Year High; LAPD Addresses Officer-Involved Shooting That Was Videotaped
Nightline 3/2/15: 'Zombie' Homes, When Good Houses Go Bad
More Expectant Mothers Seek 'Personalized' Deliveries; 'The Sound of Music' Back in the Spotlight
WN 03/02/15: Man Shot and Killed in Los Angeles Police Shooting
Nurse who contracted Ebola in Texas hospital files lawsuit; "Sound of Music," 50 years later.
This Week 03/01/15: John Kerry Discusses the ISIS Threat
Guests: Peter King, Joseph Clancy, Matthew Dowd, Cokie Roberts, Laura Ingraham, LZ Granderson
20/20 02/27/15: A Nation of Women Behind Bars: A Diane Sawyer Hidden America Special
Women Behind Bars and the Families They Left Behind; The Duel Between Inmates and Officers Over Prison Contraband; What Life...