Meryl Streep Before She Was Meryl Streep

Photo: Meryl Streep Before She Was Meryl Streep: Old Friend and Colleague Recall Streeps Cheerleading and Early Acting Days

An actress can be known for her emotional intelligence, her physical wit, her sensuality or her humor. She can be known for her versatility or her playfulness, or for her ability to deliver a dramatic monologue in pouring rain and not look silly.

Meryl Streep is known for being perfect.

VIDEO: An old friend shows photos of Streep as homecoming queen, cheerleader and more.

As a Polish Nazi refugee: perfect. As a neglected corporate wife: perfect. As a single mom on a Greek island, dancing and belting out ABBA tunes: perfect. For her perfect portrayal of Julia Child in this year's "Julie & Julia," Streep is an Oscar nominee for a record 16th time.

But what about the early years, before Meryl Streep was Meryl Streep?

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Oscar Noms: Before They Were Stars

ABC News recently sat down with two figures from Streep's past -- her best friend in high school and her graduate school drama coach -- to talk about the star's teenage days and her early stage career.

So what was she like back then? Pretty much perfect, it turns out.

"She was very outgoing. She had a great personality. Extremely funny," said Susan Castrilli, a friend of Streep's from Bernards High School in Bernardsville, N.J. "She was -- you know, I think the Meryl that you see now is the Meryl that was 14 years old. I don't think she's really changed all that much."

Michael Posnick directed Streep at the Yale School of Drama.

"It was just clear that there was something massive, monumental, really Himalayan about her work," Posnick said, "and about her gifts. And they're marvelous gifts. ... It's totally magic. There's a part of it that can't be explained. It's just an ability to become a character that represents a huge part [of] humanity. She's terribly human, wonderfully human."

New Jersey Days

Meryl Streep as homecoming queen in 1967.

Castrilli met Streep one summer day on the way to the pool. The Streep family had just moved to town.

"I used to cut through the woods to go to the community pool, and there was this blonde sitting on the porch there," said Castrilli. "It was a screened-in porch, and as I'm passing she looked up from a book she was reading. She said, 'Hello.' I said, 'Hello.' And she wound up at the high school."

Streep's given name is Mary Louise -- but she already was known as Meryl.

"Her mother gave it to her, actually," said Castrilli. "Her mother gave her the name Meryl because it was Mary Louise -- Mary L. She was named after her grandmother."

'She Looked Great Doing It'

At high school, Streep was everywhere, Castrilli said. In addition to acting, she sang in the choir and was class treasurer and homecoming queen.

"She had a great personality that everybody liked," said her friend. "I mean, you know, she was just somebody that you wanted to be around because every minute was something different. She didn't like to linger on things for too long. She always liked to explore and see different things."

Streep was a cheerleader when Castrilli was captain of the squad.

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