Mom Released After Years in Prison for Foster Son's Murder
Hannah Overton was sentenced to life in the salt poisoning death of foster son.
Stephen Collins Denies He's a Pedophile
Actor confessed to sexual misconduct with three girls this week.
Man Terrorizes Neighbors With Hostile Holiday Decorations
The display includes a urinating Santa Claus and a beheaded choir.
Family of Boy Injured by 'Grenade' Has $1M in Medical Bills
Little Bou Bou Phonesavanh has undergone multiple surgeries since the incident.
'Slender Man' Stabbing Suspects Ruled Competent to Stand Trial
One of the two suspects appeared in court today.
This 11-Year-Old Detroit Girl???s Perfect Sales Pitch Will Blow You Away
Asia Newson might be Detroit's youngest entrepreneur.
Undercover ATF Agent on the Assignment No One Else Wanted
ATF agent Lenny went undercover in prison posing as an inmate and hit man.
Virginia Sues Guardrail Maker For Fraud Amid Urgent Safety Tests
Guardrails retested after major court decision; so far "nothing remarkable".
The Do's and Don???ts of Buying the Perfect Christmas Tree
Tree sellers share their secrets to picking out and taking care of your tree.
Debt Collector Owes Over $33K for Making Woman's Life 'Hell'
Jessica Burke sued her debt collector for harassing her over late car payments.
How a Master Shoplifter Stole Thousands in Merchandise
Shoplifter Michael Pollara said his nickname in jail was Toys “R” Us.
You're Ordering Your Coffee Wrong: Baristas Spill the Beans
Get on your barista's good side, and you might get rewarded.
CPSC Chair Challenges Craigslist: ???Step Up???
Head of consumer agency calls on site to do more about recalled products.
Craigslist Fires Back After Criticism Over Recalled Products
U.S. safety official: EBay, Amazon block ads for them, but Craigslist won't.
Feds to Investigate Graco???s Mass Child Seat Recall
NHTSA wants to determine if company delayed after learning of safety defect.
A Mother's Mission Against Nightmare Nannies
Whitney Matney is pushing for the creation of a child abuse registry.
Former Navy SEAL's Guide to Surviving Almost Anything
Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL, on how to prepare yourself for disaster.
20 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs
The wedding industry is a $30 billion giant; don't pay more than you have to.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
What to Do When Hiring a Nanny: A Checklist for Parents
By EAMON McNIFF, DENISE MARTINEZ-RAMUNDO and ALEXA VALIENTE Raising a child can be tough, and when both parents work,...
Foster Son's Parents Suspected of His Salt Poisoning Death
Part 1: Four-year-old Andrew Burd had a toxic level almost double the norm of sodium before his death.
Prosecutors Say Mom Poured Salt Down Foster Son's Throat
Part 2: Hannah Overton says she had problems with her foster son, who was obsessed with eating.
Mom Found Guilty in Salt Poisoning Death of Foster Son
Part 3: Juror Norma Bejarano said she thought Hannah Overton was guilty of not seeking help fast enough.
Court Overrules Mom's Conviction for Murder of Foster Son
Part 4: The state's highest criminal court put the blame on Hannah Overton's trial attorneys.
Mom Returns Home After 7 Years Behind Bars
Part 5: Last week, Hannah Overton was released on bail and reunited with her family.
How One Family Used Facebook to Catch Package-Taking Culprit
Ryan and Marti Ruth found a clever way to catch someone taking their kids' Christmas gifts from their porch.
Watch This 'Super Business Girl' Rap About Her Accomplishments
Detroit CEO and entrepreneur Asia Newson, 11, often approaches strangers on the street with her sales pitch.
Robert Herjavec of 'Shark Tank' Shows 5 Ways to Close a Sale
The businessman and investor demonstrates the five classic sales techniques to guarantee a sale.
Listening in as NJ Woman Hires a Hit Man
Nicole Faccenda plots the murder of her ex's new girlfriend.
2020 9/26: Out of the Woods
Birthday Sleepover Ends with 12-Year-Old Close to Death; Girls Tell Police They Plotted to Kill Friend for 'Slender Man';...
20/20 5/2: Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out
V. Stiviano speaks exclusively to Barbara Walters and 20/20.
Suburban Dad Enlists His Son, Daughter Into Life of Crime
Meet the Catt Family: a father, son and daughter, who robbed two banks together.