The Danger of Forcing Truckers to Drive Sleep-Deprived Exposed
Trucker Abe Attallah says companies intensely pressure drivers to be on time.
Outrage Over Guardrail Crashes Tied to Lost Limbs, Deaths
Study finds newer guardrails create greater risk of serious injury.
Mother of 5 Convicted of Killing Adopted Son Granted New Trial
Hannah Overton was convicted in 2007 in the salt-poisoning death of 4-year-old.
Former Suspect Denies Helping Husband Kill Philanthropist
Nancy Styler's husband is serving a 20-year sentence for Nancy Pfister's murder.
Oscar Pistorius' Ex: 'It Could Have Been Me'
Samantha Taylor dated the paralympian before he killed Reeva Steenkamp.
How Auto Mechanics Can Rip You Off
... and how drivers can avoid being taken for a ride.
Former Chef of Gov. McDonnell Says Wife Was 'Not Balanced'
Bob McDonnell, his wife Maureen McDonnell were convicted on corruption charges.
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5 Things You Never Knew About Joan Rivers
The complicated, vivacious icon had a storied past.
Joan Rivers Died 'Surrounded by Family and Close Friends'
The comedian died "surrounded by family and close friends," her daughter said.
Inside Joan Rivers' Relationship With Her Daughter Melissa
The two women went through rough times before becoming best friends.
NY Man in Prison for Murdering Son Charged in Wife's Death
Karl Karlsen was convicted of murder for rigging a truck to fall on his son.
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Use these clues from the crime scene and investigation.
What Caused This Man's Mysterious Death?
Greg Fleniken was found dead alone in his hotel room.
Airline Ticket Mix-Up Sends Maryland Man to Grenada, Not Granada, Spain
Grenada is nearly 4,000 miles away from Granada, Spain.
Girlfriend in Murder Love Triangle: Ex's Acts 'Sickening'
Erika Friman says she never thought Pedro Bravo was capable of murder.
How a College Love Triangle Ended in Death
Pedro Bravo was accused of killing his friend for dating his ex.
Why This Teen Can't Stop Eating: Life With Prader-Willi Syndrome
Every waking minute of Hannah Wilkinson’s day is filled with intense hunger.
Strange Condition Turns Men's Guts into Microbreweries
Auto-brewery syndrome made these men appear to be drunk without ever drinking.
Inside Robin Roberts' Courageous Fight Against MDS
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Resource Guide: Children in Foster Care
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Former Navy SEAL's Guide to Surviving Almost Anything
Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL, on how to prepare yourself for disaster.
20 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs
The wedding industry is a $30 billion giant; don't pay more than you have to.
Butt Glue? 20 Beauty Secrets From Miss America Contestants
Beauty, fitness and eating tips from some of those vying for the 2013 tiara.
Billionaires' 20 Keys to Success
20 From '20/20': Principles That Made Tony Hsieh and Guy LaLiberte rich.
Elizabeth Vargas
Vargas Is the Co-anchor of '20/20' on ABC News
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Department Store Vs. Drug Store Makeup: Can You Tell the Difference?
Which model do you think is wearing the more expensive makeup?
British Airways Loses Woman's Luggage in 'Travel Nightmare'
ABC News’ Siobhan O’Driscoll reports: Nora Low was among thousands of British Airway passengers flying out of London’s...
Skydiver Hits Ground at 30 MPH, Lives
A seasoned skydiver in Northern California was attempting a complex stunt after jumping from about 8,000 feet when both of...
Pooped Ex-Mayor Says Why He Tossed Dog Feces
Dennis Kneier was caught throwing a bag of dog poop onto a neighbor's walkway.
Anger Over Prison Release for Man Who Bulldozed Neighborhood
Barry Swegle damaged 4 houses, a truck and several power lines with a bulldozer.
Hand Rejuvenation for Better Engagement Ring Selfies
This woman got a cosmetic procedure on her hand to become more "selfie worthy."
Deadly Impact: Guardrail Investigation
Brian Ross examines quiet change to guardrail design that victims say has life or death consequences.
Fatigued Truckers and the Deadly Consequences
Trucker Abe Attallah says truck drivers face unrelenting pressure to deliver their loads on time.
Victim's Parents Lead Effort to Prevent Train Track Deaths
Vicky and Denny Moore's 16-year-old son Ryan Moore was killed at a dangerous Ohio train crossing.
How Police Captured Kansas City Highway Shooter
Crucial tips, such as the shooter's license plate, help police locate and arrest Mohammed Whitaker.
How Woman Won Battle Against Mechanic Who Tried to Dupe Her
What should have been an $80 battery replacement almost turned into a $1,000 charge for Marty Guerrero.
How Hard Is It to Tell Expensive and Cheap Coffee Apart?
In a blind coffee taste test by ABC News' "20/20," participants struggle to tell the difference.
'This Is What a Dead Man Sees': Lucky Skydiver Recalls Free-Fall
Craig Stapleton, a champion skydiver with 7,000 jumps under his belt, "helicoptered" down at 70 mph.
Man Drives Bulldozer Through Neighbor's House
In cell phone video given exclusively to "20/20," a neighborly feud gets out of hand.
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V. Stiviano speaks exclusively to Barbara Walters and 20/20.
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