Hawkers of MMS 'Miracle Cure' Run Out of Luck in Ireland
Court convicts bishop in "church" founded by self-professed space traveler.
Woman Pretended to Be Nobility, Faked Own Death
Genevieve de Montremare’s name is as impressive as her fairy tale upbringing.
Husband Says Fringe Church's 'Miracle Cure' Killed His Wife
Doug Nash says wife "just went slump in my arms" after taking MMS.
Wacky Church Under Fire Over 'Miracle Cure' for Autism
Tests show elixir is industrial chemical; experts warn parents of possible harm.
How This P.I. Catches Workers' Comp Fraudsters
Bob Kiehn is hired by insurance companies to track down shameless con artists.
Celebrating 50 Years of Dolly Parton
Parton is the 2016 recipient of the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.
Killer Says Tarot Cards Convinced Him to Confess
Christopher Waide is serving a 48-year prison sentence for Lea Porter's murder.
'I'd Like to Confess to a Murder': Killer's Chilling 911 Call
The brother of the victim forced the suspect to admit to the murder.
Family's Desperate Search to Find Their Murdered Daughter
Lea Porter was just 19 years old when she mysteriously vanished.
Ex-UVA Dean Breaks Silence on Retracted 'Rape on Campus' Article
Nicole Eramo is suing the magazine over retracted "A Rape on Campus" article.
Accused Hitman in FSU Murder Case Now Cooperating With Authorities
Luis Rivera pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Dan Markel.
New Suspect Arrested in 2014 Murder of Florida Professor Dan Markel
Katie Magbanua was arrested Saturday on a warrant for first-degree murder.
Potsdam Won't Forget Slain 12-Yr-Old Garrett, Deputy Says
Sheriff's Deputy John Jones on the trial that changed one upstate New York town.
Nick Hillary's Daughter: Race 'Definitely' a Factor in Murder Case
Shanna spoke to ABC News ahead of the verdict in the controversial trial.
Mom of Murdered 12-Year-Old Reflects on Day She Lost Her Son
"It felt like it was somebody else's life," Tandy Cyrus said.
Inside the Apt. Where 12-Year-Old Garrett Phillips Was Murdered
Potsdam, NY, interim police chief takes ABC News through the crime scene.
NY Man Found Not Guilty in Murder of Ex's Son
Garrett Phillips was strangled to death in his home.
Police Release Facial Image They Say Could Help Identify Murdered UNC Student's Killer
Faith Hedgepeth, 19, was found murdered in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012.
What Police Say Happened in Murdered UNC Student's Final Moments
Faith Hedgepeth was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment in 2012.
Friend Describes Finding Murdered UNC Student's Body
"There was just blood everywhere," Faith Hedgepeth's friend Marisol Rangel said.
Undercover Agent Confronts Slain Professor's Ex-Mother-in-Law
Dan Markel was killed on the morning of July 18, 2014, at his home.
Professor's Ex-Boyfriend Says Her Brother Discussed Killing Ex-Husband
Dan Markel was killed on the morning of July 18, 2014, at his home.
How Cops Caught Suspected Hit Men in FSU Professor Murder
Police tracked down the suspects with the Toyota Prius they rented.
How Missing Man's Family Found Him Alive 23 Years Later
Richard Hoagland told his wife he was going to the hospital and never came back.
Elizabeth Vargas' Biography
Elizabeth Vargas is the co-anchor of ABC News "20/20."
David Muir
Weekend Anchor, "World News with David Muir" Co-Anchor, "20/20"
Sexual Assault Survivor Says 'Jackie' in 'Rape on Campus' Article Stole Her Story
Liz Seccuro, who was raped at a UVA fraternity in 1984 and is now sexual assault victims' rights advocate, responds to...
Mom Desperately Searching for Missing Teen Daughter: Part 1
Lea Porter's brother Maxx Porter said he knew something was wrong when he couldn't get in contact with her.
Man Says He Was With Teen Night Before She Disappeared
Christopher Waide, who went to high school with Lea Porter, said he was her self-appointed accountability partner.
Police Search Apartment of Missing Teen's Friend: Part 3
Police questioned Christopher Waide about why he was missing his bed sheets and why he bleached his knife.
Man Admits to 911 Operator That He Killed Missing Teen: Part 4
Maxx Porter set up a trap for Christopher Waide to get him talking about what happened to Lea Porter.
Killer May Have Used Lessons From Criminal Justice Class
Christopher Waide was studying criminal justice in the hopes of working in law enforcement.
Missing Teen's Killer Says He Had Planned to Commit Suicide: Part 6
"The reason that I didn't commit suicide was that Lea's spirit came to me and told me not to," Waide said from prison.
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