Charity 'Scammer' 'Bobby Thompson' Dares Prosecutors to Discover His True Identity


'It Was the Rush of the Game,' Says DeWine

When Boldin walked into a bar called Biddy McGraw's, he spotted Thompson at a barstool, nursing a drink.

"I said hello to him. He didn't really acknowledge me and wasn't much interested in having a conversation," Boldin said.

Boldin alerted his fellow agents on his BlackBerry, and they followed Thompson as he shopped for groceries under the alias Alan Lacy, and rode the local bus back to his boarding house. Once they knew where he was living, they decided to pounce.

When they handcuffed him, he was carrying three different wallets -- each one holding the credit cards, drivers licenses, social security cards and professional IDs of a different alias.

Investigators searched Thompson's house and found keys to a storage locker where he had stashed two carry-on-sized suitcases. One held stolen birth certificates, social security cards, credit reports, and other papers needed to create new identities. In the other, wrapped in bundles of newspaper, was nearly $1 million in cash.

"I think there's more cash out there," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who took over the investigation when he was elected last year.

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But DeWine doesn't think the money was Thompson's real goal.

"The amateur psychiatrist in me says that it was about the game," he said. "It was the rush of the game. And you know, he pulled it off for a long time."

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