State of the Union 2013: Economists' Surprises, Disappointments


"Listening closely, there were contradictions as he mentioned things like rolling back some benefits on wealthier seniors, the very same folks he wants to raise taxes on," Fraser said. "This is why people are so distrustful of Washington - income adjusting benefits so Social Security and Medicare are targeted to those who need them the most makes sense, but then turning around and raising taxes on those same people does not."

Fraser questioned the president's assertion that spending initiatives for infrastructure projects and education would not add to the deficit.

"Just how can these major new spending initiatives not add more to the deficit unless he plans huge new tax increases to go along with them?" she said. "Taxpayers have been told again and again that we need a balanced approach to deficit reduction, yet following a huge tax increase on the wealthy and the payroll tax hike for all workers, the president proposes more spending. Does anybody seriously believe that more tax increases from Washington then would go to deficit reduction?"

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