Teenage 'Sneakerheads' Bet Thousands on High-Stakes Sneakers Trade


On one of those Saturday mornings, back at Alex's house, the teen has his eye on a pair of Nike Air Jordan 11 Lows. He gets ready by opening up a different webpage for every company that will sell the shoes -- seven in all -- in hopes of snagging just one pair.

As soon as selling starts, Alex makes his move. Within seconds, he gets an error message. The shoes are already sold out.

Alex's father, John Asfar, estimates that his son spends roughly eight hours a day thinking and talking about sneakers.

"He should spend more time with schoolwork and things like that," he says. "We could be watching a movie together. He could be doing his homework, and the phone will buzz. And he will look and it will be about sneakers. And I'm all, 'Don't you have a test tomorrow?'"

But it's not all bad. John says he has also seen where his son is learning valuable life skills.

"I've also seen where he really, really shows that he's learning something," he says. "[It] is not the deals he makes, [it is] the deals that he walks away from"

Back at the sneaker convention, Alex is armed with plenty of money and has his eye on a pair of Louis Vuitton Anthacites designed by Kanye West going for $1,075. The bartering begins, but then something seems fishy.

Will Alex get the bargain he's looking for or have to walk away empty handed? Watch what happens.

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