Aaron Carter: All I Want Is To Be Back Together with Hilary Duff

PHOTO: Hilary Duff hugs Aaron Carter as they attend the premiere of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, April 26, 2003, in Hollywood, Calif.

Aaron Carter misses his ex.

The 26-year-old musician retweeted a photo of Hilary Duff, also 26, along with the caption: "Hilary Duff is flawless."

Then, he advised his 413,000 followers not to love the loves of their lives as he did.

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"I'll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her," he said, adding that he was referring to Duff. "I don't care what ANY of you think."

"Honestly I just had an epiphany," he continued. "Like seriously when did I become such a symp to these stupid people who have no idea who I am and/or what I've been through. If you're that interested watch my interviews or google me."

Carter said in an old interview that he and Duff began dating on his thirteenth birthday.

Inside Hilary Duff's 'Modern Family' Vacation

"We kiss and we hug and we hold hands and go to the movies," he said. "I was actually dating her for like, a year and a half. And then I just got a little bored so I went, and I started getting to know Lindsay [Lohan]. Dating Lindsay."

"Then I didn't want to do that anymore, so I got back with Hilary and then I ended up cheating on Hilary with her best friend," he continued. "And then all her best guy friends told her the next day. That's nothing to smile about. She really got her heart broken from me and I'm sorry for that."

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