Mark Wahlberg Looks Extremely Thin After 40-Pound Weight Loss

PHOTO: Mark Wahlberg films scenes for his upcoming movie, "The Gambler" in Los Angeles, Feb. 3, 2014.

The usually buff Mark Wahlberg is really dropping the pounds.

On Monday, he was spotted filming his next movie "The Gambler," looking extra thin, which only supports what he told Extra last month about the role.

"I'm trying to get as thin as I possibly can. I'm playing a literary professor who also has some serious addiction problems, trying to get ready for that," he said.

In fact, he added that he's in the process of trying to get to 150 pounds, which would mean a 40-pound loss.

Looks like the former Calvin Klein model reached his goal weight.

He joked in January that he was tempted to steal some food from his little daughter. "I was literally going to rob my almost 4-year-old daughter for her little blueberry muffin. It's getting bad," he said.

Hopefully filming is over soon!

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