Tom Holland's 15 Week Training Plan for Juju

Photo: Juju Chang trains for a triathlon

Below is Tom Holland's 15-week sprint triathlon training plan for Juju and other triathlon trainers.

Base: 4 Weeks (Weeks beginning 5/31-6/21)
Build: 4 Weeks (Weeks beginning 6/28-7/19)
Peak: 4 Weeks (Weeks beginning7/26-8/16)
Taper: 3 Weeks (Weeks beginning 8/23-9/6)

Base: 4 Weeks

5/31 - Week 15
Base Week 1

Monday: Rest

This day is just as important as actual training days. You get stronger on your days off, when your body rebuilds itself, not during the training itself. Enjoy this day off -- you will appreciate it more and more as the race gets closer!

Tuesday: Strength and Run

Run: 10 minute easy.

It may seem short, but we want to ensure we remain injury-free. The runs will increase in length as we progress. Do short walk breaks whenever necessary. The goal is to keep moving for 10 minutes straight. Stay aerobic -- you should be able to carry on a conversation throughout the run. You can do this outside or on a treadmill.

Strength: Base strength plan (see below)

Base Strength Plan:

This is where we begin to build our base, both our strength base and our cardiovascular base. We stick to the basics here. For strength, I want a 20-40 minute full body routine. Do 1-2 sets of 12 repetitions unless otherwise specified. Maintain good form throughout and choose weights that are challenging for the last few reps.

1-2 sets of 12 repetitions unless otherwise noted
Machine chest press
Lat pull down
Machine shoulder presses
Dumbbell bicep curls
Dumbbell tricep kickbacks
Leg extensions
Leg press
Leg curl
Plank: 2 sets of 30-60 seconds each
Crunches: 2 sets of 20 reps

Wednesday: Rest

You may be sore after yesterday. Allow the body to recover. You can stretch for a few minutes throughout the day if you want. Enjoy the day off. [This can also be a day to make up tuesday's workout if you miss it.]

Thursday: Weights and Swim


The same weights program as on tuesday. Don't skip or skimp on the weight workouts. They are essential to keeping you injury-free.


5-10 minutes.

Your first swim! The goal is to get in the pool and begin to get acclimated to the whole swim workout. You don't have to swim for 10 minutes straight. Swim, rest for 30-60 seconds, then swim again. Use swim aids if available: the kickboard, pull buoy, fins, etc. Start getting used to your goggles, swimsuit, and swimming!

Friday: Your Choice: swim 5-10 minutes, bike 20 minutes or run 10 minutes.

Friday is your chance to either choose a workout you feel like doing that day, or select one that is your weakest discipline and work on it. Swim is 5-10 minutes and run workouts are 10 minutes in length. Both are simple endurance sessions. Nothing fancy. If you choose to bike, it too should be a simple aerobic ride. You can do it indoors or out. Remember that we are just starting to build our base. Go easy and just workout for the prescribed time at a comfortable intensity.

Saturday: Bike:

30 minute bike session. Bike comfortably for 30 minutes straight. This can be done outside or inside on a stationary bike. Wear comfortable clothes. Aerobic zone. No heavy breathing yet.

Sunday: Run:

10 minute easy run. Do walk breaks whenever necessary. Outside or on a treadmill. Stay aerobic.

Stretching Plan: CLICK HERE for the stretching plan.

6/7 - Week 14
Base Week 2

Same as base week #1.

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