The Best Easter Brunch Recipes

PHOTO: Emeril's Croque Madame croissant sandwich is shown here.
Fred Lee/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

An Easter brunch is a lovely way to enjoy the holiday after the kids hunt for Easter eggs. You can prepare many of these dishes the night before for less work on Sunday.

Design your menu around french toast stuffed with mascarpone and marmalade paired with a fruit salad drizzled with sparkling cider, or tasty eggs in baskets with easy sticky buns. Any combination of these delicious dishes will make for a fantastic brunch that will help make your Easter morning fantastic.

PHOTO: Emeril Lagasse's minted fruit salad with sparkling cider drizzle is shown here.
Donna Svennevik/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits get an elegant upgrade with a sparkling vanilla syrup. This salad makes the perfect side dish for a brunch buffet.

PHOTO: Emeril Lagasse's crustless mini quiches
Lou Rocco/ABC|Food Styling by Karen Pickus

Made with bread crumbs and cheese, these mini quiches are a big hit with kids. Buttering the muffin tins before baking makes the quiches easy to remove and serve.

PHOTO: Chef Emeril Lagasse cooks up mascarpone and marmalade stuffed French toast.
ABC News; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

This french toast is made with buttery brioche and soaked with eggs, cream, orange juice and spices. Feel free to substitute whatever fruit jam you have on hand in place of the marmalade jam and cream cheese for the mascarpone.

PHOTO: Sunny Anderson's eggs in baskets recipe is shown here.
Donna Svennevik/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

Grated potatoes create the cups for these tasty eggs in baskets. The eggs are topped with melted provolone and crispy prosciutto soaked in maple syrup.

PHOTO: Ina Garten's easy sticky bun recipe is shown here.
Heather Winters/Getty Images

Set these sticky buns on the table, slathered with brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and pecans, and watch them disappear. Store-bought puff pastry cuts out the time you'd spend making the dough.

PHOTO: Anne Burrell's poached eggs with hollandaise recipe is shown here.
Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

Serve these eggs with hollandaise sauce on a bed of roasted asparagus. The buttery hollandaise sauce is delicious when soaked up with biscuits or toast.

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Food Styling by Karen Pickus/ABC News

Whole wheat pasta is tossed with a variety of colorful veggies for a healthy brunch option. Add olive oil, parmesan, salt and herbs to amp up the flavor in this salad.

PHOTO: Sunny Anderson's peach horchata recipe is shown here.
Donna Svennevik/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

This creamy peach drink made with rice is delicious when served warm or chilled. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of peach for a decorative touch.

PHOTO: Bethenny Frankel's Asian Shrimp Salad.
Fred Lee/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

This Asian shrimp salad makes a great healthy side dish for an Easter brunch buffet. This is a great option for guests who have already eaten breakfast.

PHOTO: Rachel Willen's blueberry and sour cream scones are shown here.
Courtesy Rachel Willen

These blueberry muffins, made with sour cream, are incredibly moist and light. If you're not a fan of blueberries, try replacing them with strawberries or apples and cinnamon.

PHOTO: Emeril's Croque Madame croissant sandwich is shown here.
Fred Lee/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

A buttery crisp croissant houses bacon, a cheesy bechamel sauce and a fried egg, for the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Broil the sandwiches to get the cheese crisp and brown.

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