Chaos Erupts in Brazil Over Opening Game

Fans cheer over the victory; police crack down on anti-World Cup protesters with stun grenades and tear gas.
2:14 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Chaos Erupts in Brazil Over Opening Game
Now, for the world cup. Good start for the host nation, Brazil. The team giving the country something to cheer about after a troubled run-up to the biggest sporting event on the planet. ABC's Paula Faris has the latest from Rio. Reporter: Pandemonium in the streets of Rio. Thousands of fans cheering for Brazil in the opening game against Croatia. Tensions running high with the game accidentally scoring on their own goal. But not all hope was lost. Brazil's 22-year-old star, neymar da silva Santos, scoring two goals. Clinching the first victory, 3-1, for the home team. Inside, there was cheering. But on the streets, violence in the city of Sao Paulo. Injuries, police using tear gas and stun grenades against 300 anti-world cup protesters. Brazil has to host the cup, instead of on education. Brazil has been preparing for this for seven years. Are you ready? Yeah. We are prepared. The military police get a lot of new people working on the streets. Reporter: Police doubling their presence, for the tournament. But inside the opening ceremony, a celebration of color, full of dramatic dances and acrobats. Even a video message of hope from pope Francis. J. Lo and pitbull, stealing the show. Lopez, even giving fans a sneak preview, showing off her moves on instagram. All leading up to this. Kicking off the world cup for the 60,000 in the stadium and more than 1 billion watching around the globe. And in just a few hours, the U.S. Team will leave their training base in Sao Paulo and fly to natal for Monday's game against Ghana. This is about 1,400 miles. And a common theme, the U.S. Is the most traveled team in the first round, flying 9,000 miles. Robin? We cannot wait for Monday. But we can't wait. Oh -- you know, just rub it in. Rub in that shot. Time for a morning swim.

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{"id":24121078,"title":"Chaos Erupts in Brazil Over Opening Game","duration":"2:14","description":"Fans cheer over the victory; police crack down on anti-World Cup protesters with stun grenades and tear gas.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}