12-12-12 Separates the Believers From the Skeptics


12-12-12 Can Be Time of Ascension

Polly Blitzer-Wolkstein and her twin boys in New York City.

"It's been said that 12-12-12 is a special moment in time, a "master shift, "peak point in spiritual energy," and even a time of "ascension," when spiritual initiates "ascend" to a wonderful new existence, one free of personal adversity and karma," said Petullo, who disagrees.

"My belief is that you have to balance most of your karma through direct experience, and that it won't be automatically erased on an exceptional calendar date," he said.

But Gary Grinberg, a former radio talk-show host turned numerologist from Cleveland, 12-12-2012 actually adds up to 11, a number of emotional energy.

"It means emotional drama," the "Numbers Guy" told ABCNews.com. "The terrorist attacks, the stock market collapse and lots of plane crashes ... most go down on 11 days."

He said there are three ways to come up with an 11 in a date: the 11th of any month; the 29th of a month (2+9+11); or when the sum of the date adds to 11. He cites the Oklahoma City bombing which happened on 4-19-1995 (4+1+9+1+9+9+5=38; 3+8=11)

The date of the attack that changed the world was 9/11: 9 + 1 + 1 = 11. Both the train bombings in Madrid (March 2004) and in Mumbai (July 2006) were on the 11th day of the month, Grinberg noted.

Also, a powerful earthquake that triggered a deadly tsunami hit Japan March 11, 2011.

Grinberg is even more pessimistic about 2013, predicting financial collapse or another "cataclysmic event."

"It's the year of the snake and it will be worse than 2012," he said. "Usually something bad happens."

But Blitzer-Wolkstein isn't holding her breath.

"When I was little, I had lots of spare time for superstitions," she said. "My family was full of quintessential neurotic Jewish rituals like avoiding a cat, or if you stepped on a crack, you would break your mother's back. I tried to do things in threes [her favorite number], but it got too exhausting."

When she attended a funeral while pregnant and was warned she would die and she didn't, the website founder said, she gave up the "OCD habits."

Still, Grinberg offered her an analysis based on numerology, with her birthday on this auspicious -- or inauspicious -- day: "This person is very blunt/ honest / a leader / creative / good communicator / good at psychology and had a tough year in 2005."

She has a 1 life path -- Dec. 12, 1975 would be 12-12-1975 (1+2+1+2+1+9+7+5=28 and 2+8=10 1+0=1. "It is always reduced," he said.

The year 2012 gave her a "new start in life," Grinberg said .

Pleased, Blitzer-Wolkenstein admitted, "that could fit the bill."

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