Do You Have Any Tips On Communicating Love When Living a Normal, Hectic Life?

Question: The problem isn't Valentine's Day. It's every other day. I really do love my spouse, but with work, the kids and all, life is so hectic, I am not sure that he/she really gets the message during an ordinary day or week. Any tips for how to communicate love?

Answer: One of my friends once told me something that is a valuable tip -- you know, that different people experience love in different ways.

So I think the key to letting your spouse know that you care about them, even in the middle of hectic lives, is really think about what it is that they like. What's meaningful to them?

So if they're someone who loves gifts, and you're someone who likes to spend time, then they'll feel loved if you give them what they want, which is a gift. And vice versa: If you're someone who loves to give gifts, and they're someone who really wants you to spend special time with them, do what they want. So, people feel loved, even in little ways, if they see that you paid attention to what they actually asked for.



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