Botox Helps Control Leaky Bladders


"Any treatment that slows the bladder will tend to impair bladder emptying," said Dr. Niall T.M. Galloway, a urologist and chairman for the National Association for Continence based in Charleston, S.C. "Incomplete emptying can lead to urinary infections or retention and the need to catheterize to empty."

And the relief that Botox provides is not permanent. "Like Botox for the face, the effects on bladder function last for six to twelve months for most patients," Galloway said. "So repeated treatments may be needed."

Additionally, some women might balk at the procedure itself, which involves a doctor inserting a lighted scope with a camera and little needle on the end through the natural opening in the urethra. Once inside the bladder, the doctor performs multiple injections on the inner muscle surface.

Williams, however, said that her procedure was "unbelievably pain-free."

During the study, Williams said, her leaky-bladder symptoms pretty much went away and the effect lasted for about a year.

"It was wonderful," she said, adding that seeking help for her leaky bladder changed her life.

"I would tell anybody that has an opportunity to get treatment for it."

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