Bodybuilder Weighs In at 19 Pounds

Charlotte Ponce, 11, is lost her ear when a raccoon mauled her at 3 months old.

Medical Marvels

Girl Gets New Face From Breast Skin
'Mini Brains' Built From Stem Cells
Woman Gives Birth to 15-Pound Baby
Medical Marvels
Man's Missing Fingers Replaced by Toes
Man Sprouts Hair From Eyeball
Man With a Hairy Eyeball
Kansas Man Has World's Biggest Tonsils
Kansas Man Sets Record for Biggest Tonsils
Medical Oddites: Tree in lung
Medical Marvels
PHOTOS Medical Marvels Foot in Brain
medical oddities
140 lb Tumor
140 lb Tumor
Man's Fingers Replaced by Toes
Man's Fingers Replaced by Toes
Elephant Man
Medical Oddities
WARNING: Some of the following pictures are of a graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.
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