Spa Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Risky


"Price is where illegitimate practitioners entice people to throw legality and caution and safety to the wind, but cosmetic procedures are expensive because of the extensive training and education board certified surgeons and dermatologists go through -- these are not areas where consumers should be looking to skimp," said Eaves.

And ironically, the cost to fix a botched cosmetic procedure is usually much higher than having it done right to begin with by a qualified professional.

Eaves called the Gonzalez case "especially heartbreaking" in light of the fact that the vitamin injections she received weren't approved by the Federal Drug Administration and were probably worthless.

"Even with no complications, it was likely she was being defrauded. Many legitimate procedures would have cost her considerably less," he said.

Sometimes those complications can be irreversible or life-threatening. Gonzolez's lawyer, Diana Santa Maria, said Gonzalez seems in for a very long recovery and is about to file a civil suit against Ayala.

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