Expecting Couple Creates Hilarious 'Vogue Cover'

PHOTO: Gennady Borukhovich and his wife Maggie announce pregnancy with a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue cover parody.

The Vogue cover that sparked a social media outrage has been parodied once more.

This time, though, it's not James Franco and Seth Rogen or Miss Piggy and Kermit gracing the cover. It's an couple from New York City expecting their first baby and looking for a funny way to share the news.

Gennady Borukhovich and his wife Maggie had shared the news with their close family members, but needed a way to take the announcement public.

Everything they thought of, Borukhovich told ABC News, seemed kind of boring.

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But then, it hit him.

"The Vogue cover and the parodies were in the news," Borukhovich said. "I thought, we have to do this."

The couple's been married more than two years and Borukhovich said he knew without even asking that his wife, Maggie, would love the idea.

"What woman doesn't want to wear her wedding dress again?"

She did.

Maggie got her wedding dress and "applied makeup to look a little more like Kim," he said.

Borukhovich said the couple took 10 shots before finding the winner for their announcement.

Borukhovich, co-founder of the children's book app FarFaria -- which he described as Netflix for kids -- doesn't even watch reality TV.

Maggie he said, watches it a bit. "She's definitely seen the show," he said, referring to "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

So if they're not super fans, what sparked the project? Pure comic relief.

"We just cracked up when we saw it," Borukhovich said. "We could barely sleep that night we were laughing so hard."

The cover, photoshopped by Borukhovich, also includes an ultrasound photo of the baby -- the gender of whom Borukhovich said -- won't be known until the birth.

So that means there's plenty of options for names.

Are Kim, Kanye or North in the running? "Absolutely not," he said.

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