Here's 'The Situation': Mike Sorrentino Talks About Possibly Leaving 'Jersey Shore'

Photo: Heres The Situation: Mike Sorrentino Talks About Possibly Leaving Jersey Shore: "Jersey Shore" Star Opens Up About His Reality TV Future and His Six-Pack Empire

Other reality TV shows may have high-speed cook-offs or intense fashion letdowns, but there's only one where all a participant has to do is flash his washboard abs to get a ratings boost.

Known to millions of fans as "The Situation" on the explosive MTV reality show, "Jersey Shore," 28-year-old Mike Sorrentino boasts that his popular nickname based on his chiseled stomach was his own creation.

"When I first told people the name "Situation" ... they were like, 'That's the best thing I've ever heard,'" he said.

"The Situation" is the alpha male on the show that profiles eight housemates living under one roof as they spend their summers going out to clubs, getting into brawls and jumping into bed together.

Who is This Fierce Megastar?

Sorrentino's theory for why the show is so popular is its "combination of a number of characters," and said his talents expand beyond his six-pack.

"I work very hard on my body, and I'm not just known for my six-pack or my body," he said. "I also believe that I have pretty good camera presence. ... Those one-liners, those are not practiced. They just come out naturally."

Those one-liners from the show have become pop-culture catchphrases, from calling unattractive women "grenades" to going through "The Situation's" morning routine while living in the "Jersey Shore" house, which he dubbed "GTL."

"Gym, Tan, Laundry: G-T-L," he said. "It's ironically hilarious and makes sense, at the same time."

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But are Mike Sorrentino and "The Situation" the same person, or is it just a character Sorrentino portrays? He concedes it's mostly the latter.

"It is a part of my personality, but not the full circle," Sorrentino explained. "That character that you see is 'The Situation.' It's not Michael Sorrentino. You're seeing 'The Situation,' almost like Clark Kent and Superman."

Before the 'Jersey Shore,' Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Said He Worked a Regular Desk Job

Through his popular namesake, Sorrentino has capitalized on his "Jersey Shore" fame with dozens of new merchandise items, including "shoe-erly" (jewelry for your shoes), necklaces, "GTL" t-shirts, designer water, books, a fitness DVD -- even an iPad/iPhone app and "protein-infused" vodka.

VIDEO: Jersey Shore star, The Situation, is releasing an abdominal workout video.
'The Situation' Releases Ab Workout Video

Recently, "The Situation" also added being a contestant on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" to his long resume.

"I wanted to take that challenge to show people that ... what, this kid, you know, is a hard worker, this kid is intelligent," he said in explaining why he agreed to be on the show.

Long before he built this empire around his six-pack abs, Sorrentino said he was working a regular desk job at a real estate business on Staten Island, NY. When he was 25, he lost his job and was forced to move back in with his parents.

"I had lost the house, the car, the dog, you know, everything I had, and I thought to myself, 'You know what, what am I gonna do with my life?'" Sorrentino said. "My parents wanted me to, you know, become a policeman or a fireman. It was a very crazy, stressful, upsetting time in my life."

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