Red, White and Very Blue: USA Out of World Cup

Even with 16 unbelievable saves, the US game against Belgium came down to the wire.
2:49 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Red, White and Very Blue: USA Out of World Cup
Much of the country effectively shut down this afternoon, as so many watched the U.S. Face off against Belgium in the world cup. Even president Obama took some time to cheer on the team. And it was just so close. ABC's Paula Farris is in Brazil with the latest. Reporter: It was a day full of hope and opportunity. A chance for the U.S. To advance to the world cup quarterfinals for only the third time ever, or go home in defeat to Belgium. A tense and thrilling standoff in the Brazilian heat that stretched both teams into a gut wrenching overtime. The United States moves to extra time. Reporter: A day that began with excitement. U.s. Fans getting pumped for the match. Usa! Reporter: Confidence was clearly not an issue. We're definitely going to win. Reporter: Do you think the U.S. Is going to win or Belgium? U.s.! Go, usa! Reporter: American pride displayed in hats, flags, and body paint. Go, usa! Reporter: I love it. Hash tag go usa indeed. Social media was ablaze, leading up to today's game. Facebook hit a record 1 billion world cup interactions. Meantime on Twitter, companies like waffle house proclaiming we don't believe in Belgium waffles. And Tim Howard! Reporter: As the game started, suddenly we were a nation of soccer fans. I believe. Reporter: Even the president got into the action. I believe that we can win! Reporter: The tension mounting throughout the first half with close call after close call. 16 heroic saves from American goalie Tim Howard. The most in a world cup match in almost 50 years. Tim Howard to the rescue. Reporter: But after 90 minutes of scoreless soccer, overtime. And quickly the Belgians score. Twice to the agony of the U.S. Fans. Finally, an American goal and the chance for another. And save! Reporter: But it ended in crushing defeat. I just really it never crossed my mind we wouldn't have won this game. Slgsz we're very proud of our team, of every player stepping on the field today. Reporter: The world cup goes on, but for the U.S. Fans, a foitear wa for the next chance. But at least American football starts up again next month. I'm Paula Farris for "Nightline" in Brazil. Now, this doesn't apply to the U.S. Team, but this is a fun fact. All of the teams that banned sex at the world cup have been eliminated.

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{"id":24392248,"title":"Red, White and Very Blue: USA Out of World Cup","duration":"2:49","description":"Even with 16 unbelievable saves, the US game against Belgium came down to the wire. ","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}