BlackBerry Burden: What RIM Must Do to Come Back


Keep the faith. One reason for RIM's decline has been its focus on enterprise software and security that is important to corporate IT managers but less so to many consumers. RIM faces an exceptional challenge in creating the sizzle while keeping the trust that makes it a favored vendor in tightly managed IT environments, and preserving as much as it can of the experience even when IT clamps down.

None of these things by themselves will guarantee the success of Blackberry 10 or RIM devices based on it. But if RIM can raise eyebrows across at least some of them, it has a shot of restoring interest from consumers. It must first end the market share bleeding and win back those who once were addicted to their "Crackberrys." That should pave the way for greater developer support it will need to move beyond the loyalists and remain viable.

Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research, a research and advisory firm focusing on consumer technology adoption. He shares commentary at Techspressive and on Twitter at @rossrubin.

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