BlackBerry CEO Aims at Samsung and Apple with the Launch of BlackBerry Z10


"Both app stores are growing in numbers and are rapidly filling out their selection of 'table stakes' apps," Michael Gartenberg, Gartner research director, told ABC News. Yet despite the numbers both Microsoft and BlackBerry are held back by Apple and Google's lead. "Long term it isn't about sheer numbers but quality of the App Store curated experience, where new 'must have' apps go first and the quality of an app on a given platform," Gartenberg added.

While Microsoft and BlackBerry (then RIM) once ruled the smartphone market, the two fell far behind after the introduction of the iPhone and then Android phones. Shipments of BlackBerry phones fell from 46 percent in 2008 to two percent in 2012, according to Research Firm IDC. App makers now prioritize the biggest platforms -- Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Heins acknowledged BlackBerry's "downward spiral," but says it has learned its lesson from standing still and not keeping up with the industry's rate of innovation.

"You always have to be on your tippy toes," he said. "Yes, BlackBerry 10 is a success, but guess what? We are already working on the next things already, because we know our competitors are good innovators as well." At the end of the interview Heins discussed one of those innovations -- a phone-powered tablet or laptop.

"To me, this is not just the next smartphone. This has the power of a laptop. This is not just a smartphone anymore," he said. "This is your personal computing power. Think about what you can do with that. How many personal computing devices do you carry? Why not unify this to one device that executes all your computing needs?"

MORE: BlackBerry Testing Phone-Powered Tablets, Laptops

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