'This Week' Transcript: After the Tragedy

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AMANPOUR: We thank the congregation of St Odilia for hosting us... It is the home parish to two of those lost in the shooting. 9 Year old Christina Taylor Green had her first communion here...and Judge John Roll grew up in the parish as well.

What I want to ask all of you first is, by a show of hands, to tell me how many of you were either involved at that fateful place at the Safeway, or whether you were involved at the hospital afterwards, or in the immediate aftermath, or whether you know anybody who was involved in that tragic shooting. Show me by a show of hands. So practically the whole room. This whole community has been so touched.

And I think I want to ask you, Bill Heilman, what is the lasting impression that you will take away from that day your wife had brought 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green.

HEILMAN: Indeed, she had. She wanted to show a little girl something that she felt had not been possible in her generation by introducing her to Gabby, and let her know that that opportunity was there for her, too. And it was just a perfect event for that, to do that.

AMANPOUR: And how is your wife coping?

HEILMAN: The emotional side of what's occurred is still sinking in. The extent of the tragedy only really seems to get addressed in very Quiet moments when there aren't audiences around. We had our first psych consult yesterday to start dealing with the ramifications of this, and we feel very well supported and appreciative of the hug that America is giving my wife.

AMANPOUR: Daniel Hernandez, you rushed to Congresswoman Giffords as she was lying bleeding. And by all accounts, you really set the stage for saving her life. And a week later, do you think about what it took for you to run towards her even as there was gunfire?

HERNANDEZ: No, because I think, really, had it been someone else, I would have done the same thing. Although Gabby is someone who I've admired for years and I consider her a friend, I think at this point, anyone would have done the same thing for anyone, because it's a human being, and you need to make sure that you help those in need.

AMANPOUR: Patricia Maisch, you knocked the magazine out of the gunman's hand, out of Jared Lee Loughner's hand.

PATRICIA MAISCH, HELPED RETRIEVE WEAPON: That's a little bit of misinformation.

AMANPOUR: You prevented him from reloading.

MAISCH: I managed to grab the magazine.

AMANPOUR: What do you remember? What is your lasting memory?

MAISCH: That first shot. And I knew -- I'm not a gun person, but I knew it was a gunshot. And just that tiny, tiny space between the first shot and the rest of the shots, just in my head. And then deciding to drop to the ground instead of running, expecting to be shot because the woman next to me was the last one to get shot. And instead, having Bill and Roger, my guardian angels, knock the guy down right in front of me. You know, I owe them my life.

AMANPOUR: Colonel Badger --


AMANPOUR: You've got your arm around Patricia. You did something amazing that day, leaping and tackling him and getting him down so that he couldn't get up again.

BADGER: Well, you know, the thing that I get out of this is the fact that -- how quick everybody bonded, and just like Patricia and myself bonded as a result of this. But it will be something that will haunt me the rest of my life.

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