Frequent Flyer Secrets: Tips for Racking Up the Travel Points

Trick #4: Rent Cars Through Rental Companies That Offer Points

If you don't feel like flying or sleeping for points, you could take a drive. Several rental car places also offer airline miles or points. Typically you get a few hundred points for one or two-day rental, but when one company raised the bonus to 10,000 for a one-day rental, George Smart went to this local airport and rented every car off the lot.

"Which took about four or five hours," he said. "About 12 or 15 in morning, I would get maybe 60 to 100,000 miles for a very inexpensive investment. That's the equivalent of going to Europe on discount twice."

It's Ingersoll's view that anyone can be a frequent flyer millionaire, earning and using thousands of points that will get you into business or first class where there are free drinks, free snacks and no crowds. With the help of points, Ingersoll and his wife flew to China and back for almost nothing -- in business class.

Total flight cost: 110,000 frequent flyer miles apiece.

"The only thing we have to pay is we have to pay the taxes on flights," he said. "We went to China for 10 days. We flew from Chicago to Beijing, went to see the Great Wall of China, went to Xi'an and saw the terracotta warriors, flew into Shanghai and again nothing more than taxes. That one was maybe $150."

Ingersoll believes that this is something not only that ordinary folks can do, but should do.

Extreme? Perhaps. But only the tip of the iceberg of the techniques were talked about here, all of which, frankly, take a lot of work and planning. But when you're settled into the big comfy chair for your long flight, Ingersoll says it really will seem worth it.

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