Jodi Arias Prosecutor Like a 'Rabid Dog,' Legal Critic Says


Jodi Arias and Prosecutor Spar

"One thing I can assure you with absolute certainty is that the prosecutor's closing statement will be one for the ages. He will weave together every single one of her inconsistencies, connect the dots, but leave it to the jury to make this decision," Pitt said.

"All this drama and sparring is going to fall off," Pitt said.

Hill, who has watched Martinez prosecute cases before, agreed,

"He has a careful plan that he will put it all together at the end. There are so many statements to sort through. I'm not defending the prosecutor, I've known him for a long time and this is his particular style. But he has been very effective. But every case is different," Hill said.

Arias, in responding to Martinez's questions, has grown bolder in standing up to him when he seems angry.

"Are you having trouble understanding me?" Martinez yelled during court on Tuesday.

"Yes because sometimes you go in circles," Arias answered.

"You said you were offended by Mr. Alexander's behavior, do you remember that? This just happened. How is that you are not remembering?" Martinez asked.

"Because you are making my brain scramble,"she said. "I think I'm more focused on your posture, your tone, and your anger," Arias said

Though Arias seems confident and competent on the stand, her ability to talk back to Martinez could actually reflect poorly on her, according to Pitt.

"You're seeing another facet of Jodi Arias, a very real facet," Pitt said. "Where I think the problem for her comes is she tried to paint herself as this innocent little waif in direct examination, and now the jury is seeing... when she has to dig in and fight she is more than capable of standing her ground."

"In the big picture context that will present big problems. The jury is acutely aware of these differences. They are seeing the content as well as the process," he said.

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