Jodi Arias Cried As Prosecutor Recounted Each Detail of Stabbing, Slashing


"So which is it, ma'am? Pick one," Alexander said.

Arias said that both her statements were true.

Martinez tried to walk Arias through the moments when she claims Alexander erupted in a fury when she dropped his camera while taking nude pictures of him in the shower and then body-slammed her onto the bathroom floor.

Arias claims she fled into a walkthrough closet where she grabbed a gun that Alexander kept on a shelf. Martinez suggested that if she left the closet and ran down stairs on her right, she would have been safe.

"No, I would have been dead," Arias replied.

When Martinez pressed the point by repeating the question, Arias said, "Only if I was suicidal."

The prosecutor also suggested that the closet was so small that things must have happened faster than Arias was indicating.

"It's a very small closet, isn't it," Martinez asked.

"No, it's bigger than the cell I live in," she answered.

A clearly angered Martinez said, "Take that attitudeā€¦ Is there an issue here?"

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