Jodi Arias Trial's Focus Is Graphic Sex, Not Killing


As Arias answered his questions about feeling pressure to accede to Alexander's sexual demands, Nurmi attempted to portray Arias as a naive victim to a man with a nearly-predatory sex drive.

Martinez, during cross-examination, pointed out that Arias had previous sexual relationships that also included various types of sex and that she was encouraging and gave consent in all of her sexual interactions with Alexander.

"That all to me was, 'why are you doing this?' Get to the damn murder, let's go," Cardoza said of the prosecution. "You can prove the sex, and he's going to agree with you, but by going through painstaking detail you're playing the defense's game... So they were sex partners and had crazy sex, so what?"

Judge Sherry Stephens has not excluded any of the graphic sexual testimony from being entered into court, including nude photos of a sexual nature that have been shown to the jury and courtroom gallery.

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