Jodi Arias Trial Puts Mormon Sex Rules in Spotlight


Arias Trial Shows Young Mormons' Sexual Self-Restraint

Daidone testified that she did not want to have sex with Alexander, or even make out with him in a passionate way because of her religion. She said she knew so little about sex at age 19, when she dated him, then when he got an erection, she told him he was thinking about sex too much.

"Actually what was going on was very normal affection, when he was kissing you, he achieved in erection, right?" prosecutor Juan Martinez asked Daidone. "It was a biological response to your lips, right? But because of your inexperience, you thought he should have controlled his penis from getting big just because he was kissing you, you thought that, it was because of your inexperience right?"

"Yes," Daidone said quietly.

According to Mason, Daidone' experience is typical of Mormon teenagers who do not get much in the way of sex education growing up in Mormon communities.

"A lot of Mormon teenagers don't get good sex education. Because of the priority the community places on chastity, which includes chastity in deed but also in word, Mormons don't talk much about sex. They are extremely circumspect about it," Mason said.

"A lot of Mormon teenagers, men and women, don't know much about sex, don't know how it works, they just know it is something they're not supposed to do, so they associate it with something dirty," he said. "Mormons have long debates about how far is too far. Some won't even kiss, and French kissing is usually seen as bad."

Ryan Burns, another Mormon who has testified at the trial, went on a date with Arias the day after she killed Alexander, though Burns had no idea about the killing. He hesitantly described a chaste date between the two, where he and Arias cuddled and kissed, but stopped before things went any farther.

"We went back to my house. We talked for awhile, and agreed that we were going to watch a movie. At some point we were talking and we kissed. Every time we started kissing it got a little more escalated. Our clothes never came off, but at some point she was kissing my neck, I was kissing hers, but our clothes never came off," he said.

Burns said that both he and Arias stopped kissing at the time, though they again became physically involved later in the evening when Arias climbed on top of Burns and began kissing him. Burns said that they stopped kissing because he did not want her to "regret the visit" because of her Mormon beliefs about sex.

"She would often tell me about how she felt about her religious beliefs, and we would talk about the Book of Mormon. That's why I didn't want her to regret her trip," Burns testified.

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