Navy Yard Shooter Cursed Woman in Wheelchair in Days Before Rampage


Boyd said he kept reaching for his side as if he had something on him during the heated confrontation. Boyd said she thought Alexis was trying to indicate he had a weapon, but she felt confident that wasn't the case because she figured he had to go through airport security. Boyd moved her family, but Alexis continued to curse at the family and use the N-word.

"That's the only thing I recall him saying, but he was saying other things. But that just rang out in my mind. I could hear him saying that," she said.

Three to four security officers arrived on the scene and spoke to Alexis and told him if he didn't stop he wouldn't be able to fly, according to Boyd.

"The people around just had conversations as if maybe he was on some type of drug, or maybe he needed medicine or forgot to take his medicine," Boyd said.

Boyd said the situation came to an end when security arrived and Alexis calmly sat near his departure gate.

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