Spring Break Salvation: Christian Ministry Travels to South Padre Island to Help Partiers Find Their Way


"It's what happens when you wake up after spring break. That's why we're here," he said. "They wake up the next morning... now all of a sudden reality comes in, 'Did anyone film me or take a picture of what I did? I'm so embarrassed'... we're here to say, 'we understand... we're here to talk you through that anguish you have and that emotional shame you might be experiencing.'"

But Young has another motivation too. As a father, he said he thinks about what would happen if his daughter got into trouble on spring break.

"I would want a man like me that could be there and say it's going to be OK," he said. "So that's why we come to spring break."

On the last day Young's ministry was on South Padre Island, he gathered the converted for a baptism on the beach and told his flock to come together and scream.

"We are going to make the loudest yell we can," Young instructed. "People on the beach are going to think something is going down, fighting or stripping down, and they just come by the droves… all 800 of us plus all the little pied piper ones we bring in are going to walk into the water and then we are going to be able to baptize them and it will be awesome."

All at once, the group let out a massive yell, and the wild partying gave way to collective prayer. Then the crew moved into the chilly waves to begin the baptisms.

"This is our last day here and it kind of culminates with this gracious, joyous celebration of what God has used us to do this week," Young said. "This is the moment we say, 'God we are blessed to be able to do this, we thank you for letting us do this.'"

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