'You Can't Be a Princess'

When a boy wants to be Belle for Halloween, will onlookers side with him or his mom?
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for 'You Can't Be a Princess'
With halloween just 12 days away, kids everywhere are in a frenzy to find just thght costume. The perfect day to set up shop at the spirit halloween superstore in staten island, new york. Ready to trick and treat. Yeah. Diana and quentin are out shopping for costumes. Sounds like fun. Who do you want to be, spider-man? I don't want to be this. What do you want to be. I want to be belle. No, you're not wearing that. Our hidden cameras are set and we settle in to find if customers will side with mom or son. Please, mom, I really want to be a prin. You can't be a princess. No, mom, I want to, please. No. You girls wear princess costumes, not boys. This mother istening closely. Ah, please. Even while trying to keep an eye on her own kids. No, no, no. She can't help but notice. Want to try on the spider-man. No. Turns out she's been there. I have three boys and that's -- my older one did that but -- you told him no. He can't be -- it was just that one time -- was it a phase. Yes. All right. As a mothers bond quentin will show them exactly what he wants. Oh. He wants to put it on. This is what I want to be. I'm taking -- no, no, no. What do you think? I think you can't wear that costume. I know you like it but that's for a girl you're not a girl, right? And yet our mom is still concerned. What if it's not a phase? What are you going to do? I mean -- I feel like I should stop it now. I don't think he should get the princess. He shouldn't be a princess. I agree totally 100% with you. 100%. It sounds like quentin is not going to get his way. Enter this next woman who is so worried about bullies that she works overtime in her own game of persuasion. I don't like spider-man. Or a cop. I don't like being cops. Army. No. War is bad. Like a ninja. I don't like ninjas, they fight. So you don't want to fight. What about john quinones? Hi, I'm john quinones. Hi. They're actors. Oh, my god. I agreed that they shouldn't just because kids are cruel. I didn't want him to get picked on on school. What if your daughter wanted a male outfit like spider-man? Well, it's funny because they make those outfits into girls now. It's a little less of a -- stigma. Yes. We wonder if she's right so we decide to switch things up. Now we took girls who want to be spider-man. I really want to be spider-man. Come on, he's so cool. Let me look over the costumes. This mother and daughter walk in and right away notice joli's choif costume. Yuck. Spider-man is so much cooler than belle. It's a boy costume. It doesn't matter if it's a boy costume. She seems to be searching for alternatives then -- maybe she wants to be a disco -- yeah, but I like to be spider-man. How old are you? 9. But what is she really curious about? Is she like this all the time? If she was it's going to be hard. If it just started you have to do it now to get ahold of it -- stop it now. After a quick change, joli is back. What do you think? She put it on already. Oh. But is the costume convincing? What do you think? I would like you better in a little dress. Honestly I you would look so much prettier. But this is so cool. Spider-man is only for one time. A princess you can be 24 hours a day. Tough day. So far everyone has sided with our mother. I have to agree with mommy on this one. Why is that wrong? That's -- how do you -- my daughter wants to be a power ranger. I'm like, be a little princess. That's why I'm here looking by myself. Even a few children -- how do you like this one? That's for a girl. That's for girls. That's for girls. So we decide to roll one last time and in walks sally for a little window shopping with her friend. Trying to figure something out. My daughter wants to wea a spider-man costume. Really. Be the female spider-man. Spider-woman. Yeah, we need a spider-woman. Seems like they're trying to find a compromise. I'm more concerned about it. I want to nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud. Now, sally really has to say something. What encourages her to do spider-man she likes the feeling of saving people. It shows she wants to be a strong woman. Joli is back once again. Look, mom. Whoa. Look at that. Do you like it? Isn't this awesome? It is. I'm going to walk away for a minute, okay? As diana walks away, the therapy session turns toward joli. Do you think I should feel bad about liking boy stuff? No. Let me tell you something, you just worry that other people won't accept you, but if you, like, are strong and you know who you are and you know what you want, people will respect you for it. But what if she doesn't turn around? Then know that there are more girls like you. Right now mommy is just like worried that you won't take advantage of your beauty. You know? Can you stay with me until my momma comes back. Yeah, absolutely. Are you kidding me? It's the most touching reaction of the day. From a strong and incredibly compassionate young woman. Lots of customers say to her don't do it. You didn't. No. Why not? You want people to start being more open-minded. I just saw the way she, you know, was so worried about her kids turning gay even though she didn't literally say the word gay. If he or she does -- either way they're still your child and unfortunately there's a lot of people that turn their back on them just because of their sexual orientation and that's something that, you know, breaks my heart.

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{"id":17523242,"title":"'You Can't Be a Princess'","duration":"3:00","description":"When a boy wants to be Belle for Halloween, will onlookers side with him or his mom?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/princess--17523242","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}