'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Wanted Woman

In Missouri, bystanders react to seeing a supposedly wanted woman.
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Wanted Woman
Reporter: Tonight, "what would you do?" Is hitting the road through the heart of middle america. And we're doing it up in style. Nothing less than a little red corvette will for the legendary route 66. The original mother road. The main street of america. Every once in awhile, a criminal gets away. Her name is jackie quaid, a wanted woman on the run. ♪ her crime? Knocking off a jewelry store for thousands of dollars in diamonds. And this man is out to bring her back. Have you seen this woman? Reporter: Hot on her trail, he enters eagle pawn and jewelry in springfield, missouri. And he starts handing out posters. She's in the area. If you see her, call this number. Reporter: Minutes later, guess who walks in the door? What would you do? Tv cameras on! Fugitive recovery, looking for this young lady. Feel like she's going to try to dump the stuff today. Call the number on her, don't call the locals. Reporter: Immediately, this couple takes notice. Thank you. Normally she dumps the stuff the next day so we're hitting all the pawnshops. Reporter: They read the poster word for word. Racketeers? What is that? No idea. Reporter: And now she's parking in a handicap zone. Hey, how you doing? I'm fine, thanks. Um -- just like to pawn some jewelry of mine. A lot of stuff. I'm kind of in a rush, so, just, I mean -- well, you got a lot of stuff here. Reporter: That's her, all right. Immediately, he takes action, going outside and calling our agent. Hello, fugitive recovery? Reporter: Minutes later, the agent is back. Right there. That's her. That's her over there. Yeah, dude, I can tell you. The jacket is the same and everybody. She has a bag of jewel little over there. And her boyfriend is in the car waiting. Did you talk to her? No. Reporter: A few solid tips and our wanted woman is surrounded. Where are you going, jackie? Where are you going? Good job, good job. Reporter: It's time to send in some reinforcements. All right, guys, hi. Hi. They're actors. What were you thinking? I was just like, what the hell? I really was. I but saying, what the hell? She's actually in here, trying to sell that. Reporter: You were watching her at the door. Yeah. Reporter: What if she tried to run out? I would have tried to stop her. Because I've done security at walmart so I'm used to it. Reporter: Well, price check on aisle one. Our wanted woman is back at the register. What? I think that's her, right there. Are you serious? Yeah, she was just here. Right here at the counter. Really? He said, she's been going around dumping stuff. What do you think we should do? I don't know. I ain't in law enforcement. I'll be back later. Reporter: While david ponders what to do, jackie quaid makes her getaway. I was a little stupid about it because I never run into that before. Reporter: Did you feel like calling the guy, or? Nope. I've seen other people get in trouble and ipd know know how it is. Things will be things. Reporter: He leaves it in the hands of the professionals. But throughout the day, it seems everyone is blowing the whistle. Over ther no, I mean, that paper that guy just brought around. I just about -- when she walked in. Reporter: Even this man, who happens to be deaf. Nice watch. You'd be willing to give me cash? I'm willing to negotiate. What do you think? Well -- Reporter: Without saying a word -- where is she? She's right there. Okay, what -- Reporter: He identifies the criminal. She has her back to us. That girl there. Reporter: Why is it important to get involved? To bring the crime down less so that it's more safe here. Reporter: We're rolling again. Hey, how are you doing? Sir, I'm pretty sure that's the girl. Reporter: Immediately, she calls her boyfriend over. Matt! What? Wow. Reporter: And he wastes no time at all. Um, yes, I know the whereabouts of jackie quaid. Where is she? She's at eagle pawn. I was just there a couple of minutes ago. Yeah, she's in there at the counter now. Right now. I'm here with one of the clerks. She's here, I promise you. Okay. Reporter: Great warning, but hold on a second. Did you notice this man walking out earlier? He didn't exactly leave. He's using his truck to block them in. Guy out front blocks the car so he can't get away. He pulled around back and blocked me in. All right, I'm going to get out of here in a minute, so. Reporter: Suddenly, our getaway driver has nowhere to go. Time to introduce ourselves. What did you do? I said, that's her. That's the gal that guy's looking for. So, I just pulled back here to block the car in, just in case. You know, no harm, no foul. Reporter: You pretended your car was -- yeah, pretended it was stall and I told the two games that called it in. Reporter: What if they tried to get away. They couldn't. Well -- they could have smashed the truck but you know, I was willing to take that chance. Reporter: A pretty bold move. But how will people react if our wanted woman is, instead, a wanted man? ♪ we get this deal done, I'm in a hurry, man. I go catch a flight. Reporter: Now it's james quinn. With the stolen bag of jewels. Cash now? Cash? Yeah. Reporter: Again, the good people of springfield don't miss a beat. Fugitive recovery. The guy is here at eagle pawn right now. He's dumping a bunch of jewelry. Got im. Bring in right now. Tell me your name? No. It's tom. Yeah, what's your real name? Tom. Let's go. Let's go. Reporter: Over and over, our fugitive is turned in. The guy's there now? Well, he looks like him. You're sure? Sure looks like him. Reporter: This man even bobs up and down discreetly taking photos of the getaway vehicle. Where is he? Right there, black coat. Reporter: He points him out. A positive i.D. We're at it again one last time. He's robbing jewelry shops. Keep your eyes out for him. Weird. This guy kind of looks like him walking in. That looks just like him. Does it not? Yeah. Should we call that guy? Excuse me. Are you in charge of the jewelry? You guys buy and sell, right? Yeah. Aaron is a man that seems to make all the right moves. He makes the call. Yeah, the guy's right here now, dude. Reporter: He confirms the identity. He's here with a bunch of -- in a black charger with a blond female in it. Reporter: He makes the situation less dangerous. I'm going to tell the person to pull away from that van. Reporter: He gets the license plate number. Just take the good stuff and let me know what it's worth. James, come on! Hold on, he has to look at it. I know. We're in a rush. I'll be right there. Reporter: Before they get away -- okay, let's break it. Time to introduce ourselves. You spoke right up. Yeah. Reporter: You were on it. Why? Tell me what was going through your mind? I've been a victim of people before in the past, stealing stuff and I believe in honesty, so -- absolutely. Reporter: What does this say about the people of missouri? We'll watch your backs. Anything to make my kids' lives saf safer, I'm all for it. Reporter: And whether it was a wanted man or wanted woman, in this missouri pawn and jewelry shop, everyone who saw something said something.

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{"id":19461239,"title":"'What Would You Do?' on Route 66: Wanted Woman","duration":"3:00","description":"In Missouri, bystanders react to seeing a supposedly wanted woman.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/route-66-wanted-woman-19461239","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}