Australia Raids Thwarted ISIS Beheading Plot
15 detained, properties raided after intelligence indicated a planned attack.
Funeral for State Trooper Killed in Ambush Attack
The suspected gunman remains on the loose.
5 Tricks to Help Form Healthier Eating Habits
Adopt these easy eating patterns for a healthier lifestyle.
Scots Decide Whether to Declare Independence
Voters in Scotland decide whether to break from UK and become independent
Texas Executes Woman for Starvation of Boy, 9
Texas executes woman for 2004 torture, starvation death of girlfriend's 9-year-old son
Obama Administration Believes Syrian Rebels Will Focus on ISIS, Not Assad
Kerry believes Syrian rebels will take on ISIS first, then resume fighting Assad
It???s Time for a Data Breach Warning Label
Is it time to do for data breaches what the nutritional label did for food?
Mapping Obama's Strategy to Defeat ISIS in Iraq
This is the plan laid out by Gen. Dempsey and Secretary Hagel
Australian Leader Warns of Planned Random Attack
Australian leader says intelligence of random attack led to Sydney police raids
Over 2,000 Homes Threatened in California Fire
More than 2,000 homes threatened by Northern California wildfire; new damages emerge from town
Doctor Says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Cancer
Doctor says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has cancer in abdomen
How Salt Therapy May Be the Next Big Thing in Pampering Yourself
More turning to salty vapor in belief that it can clear the lungs, purify skin.
NYPD On Alert After ISIS Blog Targets Times Square
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says they are "prepared."
Twitter Sleuths Lead Cops to Suspects in Philly Hate Crime
Philadelphia police officer applauds Twitter heroes.
Tropical Moisture From Odile Will Bring Historic Rain to Southwest
Rain could cause flash floods in the Southwest.
Inside Sherri Shepherd's Divorce and Custody Drama
The former "View" host opened up about battling with her exes.
Cary Elwes Details Andre the Giant's 'Extraordinary' Drinking Ability
"He never even slurred his words" after 40 ounces of liquor, Elwes said.
India, China Vow Cooperation as Troops Face Off
India, China leaders discuss economic cooperation as troops face off along border
Philippine Agents Arrest 43 in Cybersex Raids
Philippine authorities arrest 43 in raids on cybersex syndicate
Whaling Meeting Votes Against Japan's Hunt
International whaling conference votes against Japan's Antarctic hunt
Book on Jewish Food Features Intro by Joan Rivers
Eat your kreplach! Book celebrating Jewish food features intro by Joan Rivers
Kirilenko Rallies to Make Korea Open Quarterfinals
Maria Kirilenko beats Klara Koukalova to reach quarterfinals of Korea Open
Kirilenko Rallies to Make Korea Open Quarterfinals
Maria Kirilenko beats Klara Koukalova to reach quarterfinals of Korea Open
Muslims in Same Aid Convoy Plead for Release of ISIS Captive
In separate video, Henning before humanitarian mission: "It’s all worthwhile."
Phoenix Wait-Lists 'Contributed' to VA Deaths
Assistant inspector general can’t rule out secret waiting lists as factor.
See Heidi Klum Barefaced in Bed
Celebrities go for the au natural look!
Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Her Pixie Cut
The best shots of your favorite stars snapping selfies.
Artist Draws His Dog in Whimsical Scenes
Rafael Mantesso draws his bull terrier in quirky scenes.
Firefighters Battle California Wildfires
Residents were forced to flee as the fire spread.
This Week in Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe
The latest news photos from around the globe.