Dec 26, 2014 9:23am

Gift Cards, Returns Combine for 2nd-Best Shopping Day

Morning Money Memo: Let’s call it “Bringback Friday.” Retailers are expecting the second busiest shopping day of the year today, as stores prepare for an onslaught of post-Christmas shoppers preparing to buy or return their gifts from Santa. Millions of less-than-satisfied gift receivers will look… Read More »

Companies Consumer Report
Dec 25, 2014 7:48am

Jobs, Economy and Stocks Gain as Year Closes

Morning Money Memo… Major markets in the U.S. and Europe are closed today for Christmas. The Dow finished up just 6 points yesterday, enough to set yet another new record for the index at 18,030. Markets will end the week with good news in hand,… Read More »

Companies Consumer Report
Dec 24, 2014 10:35am

Stock Market Enjoys Santa Claus Rally

Morning Money Memo… The stock market is having more than a Santa Claus rally. The U.S. economy is getting stronger with new optimism about growth heading into the new year. The stock market closed yesterday at record highs after the Commerce Department said growth expanded… Read More »

Dec 23, 2014 8:57am

Keurig (GMCR) Coffee Machines Added to List of Recalls

Morning Money Memo: Could you get burned by your morning coffee? Keurig Green Mountain Inc. is recalling nearly 7 million popular single-serve coffee brewing machines because of reported burns. Keurig says its Mini Plus Brewing Systems, with model number K10, can overheat and spray water… Read More »

Dec 22, 2014 9:08am

FedEx (FDX) and UPS (UPS) Brace for Today’s Huge Delivery Challenge

Morning Money Memo: Today is crunch time for UPS. The parcel company says today alone it will deliver 34 million packages, the most ever. UPS has spent hundreds of millions of dollars preparing for the holidays, aiming to prevent a repeat of last year’s mess… Read More »

Dec 19, 2014 7:58am

Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal Safe … for Now

Morning Money Memo … Atlantic City will not witness the shutdown of another of its famed casinos … for now. Despite failing to negotiate on a $100 million settlement deal to save the floundering boardwalk fixture, billionaire investor Carl Icahn assured Taj Mahal employees that they… Read More »

Dec 18, 2014 10:23am

New Cuban Diplomacy a Potential Boon for US Companies

  Morning Money Memo: President Obama’s decision to pursue normal relations with Cuba has many U.S. companies scrambling to consider opportunities in a brand new market that has been off limits for more than 50 years. Banks, airlines, cruise lines, hotel operators and telecom firms… Read More »

Consumer Report
Dec 17, 2014 10:01am

As Ruble Struggles, Apple (AAPL) Suspends Online Sales in Russia

Russia’s economic and financial crisis is getting even worse and threatens to spiral out of control as the value of its currency falls. Now, Apple has halted online sales of its products in Russia. “Due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the [ruble], our… Read More »

Dec 16, 2014 10:53am

Slide Continues for Oil and the Ruble

Morning Money Memo… Global financial markets are a slippery slope for oil and the ruble. Despite a huge overnight rate hike by Russia’s Central Bank, the value of the ruble continues to fall. The surprise decision to raise the rate to 17% from 10.5% has… Read More »

Companies Consumer Report
Dec 15, 2014 9:21am

Why Postal Service Officials Tossed and Turned All Night

Morning Money Memo: An over-supply of packages is today’s biggest concern for the U.S. Postal Service, which is bracing for the annual Christmas gift rush. This is expected to be its busiest day of the year, with more than 640 million cards, letters and packages… Read More »