Boston Bombing: Never-Before-Heard 911 Call That Ended It All
Bogus information paralyzes Boston for hours before second bomber captured.
Boston Bombing Day 1: The Stop the Killers Made After Attack
Just minutes after killing 3, Boston bombers went to the market.
Boston Bombing Day 2: How Authorities Found the Bombers in the Crowd
FBI agent recounts “ah-ha” moment when analysts spotted the bombers.
Boston Bombing Day 3: Dead-End Rumors Run Wild and a $1B System Fails
FBI struggles to learn identity of the bombers, confusion over arrest abounds.
Boston Bombing Day 4: The Firefight: 'I Thought We Were Gonna Die'
Suspect photos go public after FBI put in a tight spot.
Debit Card Danger: Double Charged for Beach Vacation
The ABC News Fixer helps mom get money back after mysterious double billing.
Data Breaches Bigger, Worse Than You Think, Report Says
Researchers estimate over half a billion records exposed in 2015.
Bernie Madoff to Be Deposed by Victim
Victim to be face-to-face with infamous, convicted conman.
One Third of Iraqis Think US Supports Terrorism, ISIS
Officials, analysts see Iran’s hand in stubborn conspiracy theories.
Coal King Gets 1 Year in Prison After Deadly Mine Disaster
Explosion six years ago Tuesday killed 29 miners in West Virginia.
Appliance Co. Lied About Dangerous, Fiery Defect, Feds Say
Chinese co. slammed with record-setting $15M fine.
ISIS Exploits Europe's 'Pre-9/11' Security Stance, Officials Say
Top Belgian official called for "European CIA" months ago, never came to pass.
Top Cop Foregoes Boston Marathon Run to Focus on Security
Police Commissioner Evans says “overseas turmoil” trumps personal milestone.
CIA to Pay Benghazi Contractor’s Family $400K
Spy agency reveals “enhanced death benefits” for some employees killed overseas.
ISIS Names Brussels Attackers
Terror magazine says brothers involved in Paris and Brussels attacks.
Disturbing Details of Hastert's Alleged Sex Abuse Revealed
Filing discusses "encounters in an empty locker room," "motel room" with minors.
Feds Crack Down on 'Phantom Debt Collection' Scheme
Alleged con men scammed $3.8M by convincing people to pay debts they didn't owe.
Investigation Impact: Miners Get Another Shot at Black Lung Benefits
After ABC News report aired, the U.S. Labor Department threw out a doctor's findings.
Americans Lose Billions in Chinese Investment Frauds
Chinese companies kicked off NASDAQ, NYSE after fraud allegations.
High Fashion, Deadly Factories
Tommy Hilfiger agrees to safer factories after ABCNews investigation.
Sexual Misconduct in U.S. Swimming
Part 1: Swim coaches have been banned over sexual misconduct with young girls.