Study Shows Single Sex Schools Negative
Single-sex schools are detrimental to equality, says report.
Is SpongeBob Making Your Kid Stupid?
Watching fast-paced cartoons may hinder preschooler's ability to think.
Pageant Flap: Mom Defends Racy Costume
While mom defends racy costume, group blasts TLC show "Toddlers & Tiaras."
Mom Gives 7-Year-Old Coffee to Cure ADHD
Christine Haskell turned to coffee as a treatment for her son's ADHD
Kids Won't Sleep in Their Beds?
How to get your children out of your bed and into theirs.
Author Defends Book About Teen Dieting
Paul Kramer Defends Book 'Maggie Goes on a Diet.'
Parents Spend $31,838 on Preschool Party
Elaborate, themed affairs cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Consumer Alert: How Safe Is Your Child's Crib?
Elisabeth Leamy goes behind-the-scenes of a crib safety testing lab.
No Dirty Dancing: Anti-Grinding Goes Viral
More and more teens are "just saying no" to the "grinding" dirty dancing trend
'Psychic Kindergarten' for Budding Mediums
California Institute teaches psychics how to explore their gifts.
Mom Exposes Filth in Fast Food Play Areas
Fast food chain play areas host fecal bacteria, filth, woman finds after tests.
Do Drinking, Mothering Mix? Moms' Happy Hour
Can motherhood and alcohol mix?
Rachel Zoe's Style Guide for New Moms
Stylist to the stars offers her expert tips to moms-to-be and new moms.
Would You Buy Controversial 'Breast Milk Baby'?
Controversial toy allows children to imitate the act of breast-feeding.
For Young Boys, Is Pink the New Blue?
Bending the gender color lines: dads are divided on sons choosing pink.
Keeping the Worst From Happening to Your Kids
After the Leiby Kletzky murder, parents examine their parenting decisions.
Should Parents Lose Custody of Obese Kids?
Outcry over responsibility for obese kids led family to share experience.
Restaurant to Ban Kids Under 6
A Pittsburgh restaurant to ban kids under 6 -- too many complaints, says owner.
'Push Presents': Tiny Bundles of Joy With Big Bling Attached
Mothers today are expecting new bling to accompany their new babies.
Summer Activities to Sneak In Learning
With some creativity, parents can show that learning happens outside school.
Would You Let Your Teen Have Sex at Home?
Some parents are allowing their children to have sex in the family home.
5-Year-Old an Online Makeup Sensation
5-year-old becomes Internet sensation with makeup tutorials.
Body Image Issues: 6-Year-Old Girl Worries She Is Fat
In study, nearly half of 3- to 6-year-olds worried about being fat.
TMI? Women Head to YouTube to Share Pregnancy Test Results
When women share pregnancy test results on YouTube, are they oversharing?
Father Pranks Son for Entire School Year
Utah father spends year dressing in costume to embarass high school son.
What's Behind the Latest Decorating Trend: Extreme Kids Rooms?
Why are parents willing to go to extremes when it comes to their kids?
Big, Happy Family: 2 Dads, 12 Adopted Kids
Steve and Roger Ham have fostered many children.
Is Facebook Bad for Kids?
Psychologist Larry Rosen talks social media's pros and cons.
Sneaky Teacher: Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain
Tips from Parenting.com on how to slip learning into your kid's summer.
Keep Kids Engaged: Stop Summer Brain Drain
You can use these tips and products to keep your kids sharp all summer long.
Skills Your College-Bound Teen Should Have
The dos and don'ts for teens and their parents.
Prepare Your Teen for Being Home Alone
What you need to know to keep your home safe when you're out of town.
Back to School: Fight Your Kid's Anxiety
See what your kids may worry about, and what you can do to help.
How to Choose a Cell Phone for Your Child
Take the mystery out of this back-to-school assignment.
Would You Put Your 13-Year-Old on the Pill?
More and more girls are starting on the birth control pill at a younger age.
My First Bikini: How Young Is Too Young?
How young is too young to bare almost all at the beach?
Padded Bikini for 7-Year-Olds Draws Fire
Abercrombie and Fitch under fire again for suggestive clothing for girls.
Do Breast-Feeding Dolls Cross The Line?
A new toy that mimics breast-feeding has caused an uproar among some parents.
Potty Pressure: How Young Is Too Young?
Moms are being pressured by preschools to potty train their toddlers.
Are Tweens Too Young for Makeup?
Walmart is rolling out a new line of makeup geared towards tweens.
Should Little Girls Wear High Heels?
Can the trend affect on girls' physical and emotional development?
Birds and Bees: Tips for Having ???The Talk??? With Kids
This morning on “Good Morning America” we asked the question:  How old should children be for parents to start talking to...
???Unplugged???: One Mom???s Experiment
Mom puts her kids on a technology "fast."
Designer Diapers Big Hit With Moms
Mom's have more options for the baby's bottom line.
Push-Up Bras for Young Girls: Bad Message?
Sexy clothes aimed at young teens stirring up controversy among parents.
Make Your Children Money Whiz Kids
Mellody Hobson "ambushes" kids on the street to test their financial knowledge.
Are You Worried About 'Summer Brain Drain?'
Juju Chang chats with parents about the impact of summer break on their kids.
Ways to Avoid 'Summer Brain Drain'
Juju Chang's chats with parents about how kids can keep learning through summer.