Safe Space for Opioid Addicts Reveals Changing Views
More health officials are working on "middle ground" to save addicts.
Zika 'Very Likely' to Spread From Mosquitoes to Humans in US
Officials hope to constrain any outbreak within the U.S.
'Biggest Loser' Winner Said Regaining Weight Felt 'Shameful'
Danny Cahill talked about the difficulty of keeping the weight off.
Harvard Mumps Outbreak Jumps to 41; Second Outbreak Reported in Connecticut
College students are particularly at risk, experts say.
Spike in Cost of Certain Oral Cancer Drugs Puts Squeeze on Patients
Prices have gone up multiple-fold for some drugs, a study found.
Beating Heart Cells Created From Human Skin Cells
Human cells grown in mice were used in the study.
Teen Pregnancy Rates Hit Historic Lows
Teen pregnancy rate is down more than 40 percent in last decade, CDC says.
Health Care Employees Bear Brunt of Workplace Assaults
"It has always just been considered part of the job," one expert complains.
Teen Injured in Uber-Driver Shooting a 'Warrior Princess'
Abigail Kopf, 14, was critically injured in the Kalamazoo shooting.
US Suicide Rate up 24 Percent Over 15 Years, CDC Finds
CDC report found suicide rates have been rising every year.
Aunt Starts Kidney Chain to Save Niece's Life
All six donors and recipients met for the first time today.
Cells Appear to Age Faster in People With HIV, Study Finds
Scientists look at how long-term HIV infection may affect cell structure.
Lesbian Couple Files Suit Over North Carolina 'Anti-LGBT' Law
Fertility clinic allegedly denied to see them because they were same-sex couple.
Life Expectancy Drops for White Women, CDC Says
Overall life expectancy for women remained at 81.2 years.
GMO Mosquito Study in Florida Sparks Eco Debate
Company says the mosquitoes could be used to help halt spread of Zika virus.
Los Angeles Among Worst US Cities for Air Pollution
Find out the U.S. cities with worst levels of air pollution.
Doctors Use 3-D Models, Special Balloons to Separate Conjoined Sisters
Texas girls are still recovering from Tuesday's surgery.
Ontario Providing Nearly $2 Million to Help First Nation With Suicide Crisis
Attawapiskat First Nation declared a state of emergency over suicide attempts.
Virtual Reality View of Surgery Live-Streamed Worldwide
UK Doctors used VR technology during a surgery to show the operation.
Florida Woman Allergic to Own Sweat, Tears
Julie Reid has been documenting her ordeal with the rare condition.
Major Changes Recommended at Jail Where Sandra Bland Died
A committee called for better screening for medical and mental health issues.
The 'Dirty Dozen' Produce Named Worst for Pesticide Exposure
Strawberries, peaches and apples all made the list by environmental group.
Why Ex-Facebook President Is Betting $250M on This Cancer Treatment
Immunotherapy treatments have been hailed as a major cancer breakthrough.
Conjoined Infant Twins Separated in Long Surgery
Girls were born connected at the waist.
DEA Marijuana Reclassification Could Affect Medical Uses
Marijuana is currently in the same class of drugs as heroin, LSD.
Mom Who Delayed Cancer Treatments While Pregnant Gives Birth
Kim Valliancourt was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Flight Attendant Who Inspired 'Final Flight' Dies From Cancer
LouAnne Alexander flew for 34 years, died from pancreatic cancer this week.
Paralyzed Teen Hits Slopes Again With Special Skis
Jacob Wald, 13, contracted a rare disease that left him paralyzed.
Girl With 'Visual Bucket List' Is Blessed by Pope Francis
Lizzy Myers, 5, is slowly going blind.
Death of Partner Associated With Broken Heart, Literally
Losing a partner linked with more risk of an irregular heartbeat, study finds.
How Global Warming Could Ruin Your Dinner
Carbon dioxide, food bacteria and illnesses could affect food supply.
Teen Critically Injured in Kalamazoo Shooting Walks Again
Abigail Kopf, 14, suffered a gunshot wound to the head in February's shooting.
Mother Hears Late Son's Heartbeat in Organ Recipient
The emotional moment Lisa Swanson hears her late son's heart beat again.
Doctors’ Racial Bias May Affect the Way They Treat Pain
The false beliefs may lead to racial bias in pain management, study says.
When and Why Children Learn to Lie
There are important reasons why almost everyone learns to lie, experts say.
The Art and Science of Spotting a Lie
This April Fool's Day, learn professionals' secrets for detecting lies.
Texas Toddler Dies After Going to Dentist
Texas girl reportedly had anesthesia while being treated.
Conjoined Sisters Fused at Waist to Be Separated Next Month
Ximena and Scarlett Hernandez-Torres have a third identical triplet sister.
10 Athletes Who Have Pledged Their Brains to Science Over CTE
Their reason for pledging to donate their brains for research.
13-Year Old Shot by Stray Bullet Appeared in Anti-Violence Video Last Year
Boy was critically injured by a stray bullet on Friday.
Leah Still Celebrates 1 Year of Being Cancer-Free
Leah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2014.
Gerber Recalls Some Baby Food Over Packaging Defect
The voluntary recall affects some organic products nationwide.
American Injured in Brussels in Medically Induced Coma
Richard Norby underwent surgery after being injured at the Brussels airport.
How to Talk to Kids About Terror Attacks
Parents can be proactive so children and adolescents aren't traumatized.
Mysterious Illness Sickens 22 at Colorado Pool
Hazmat responders couldn't find any evidence of a chlorine leak.
Paralyzed Groom Stands, Dances on His Wedding Day
Kent Stephenson had an experimental spinal implant to help him walk.
'Superglue' Lets Girl Finally Walk Without Pain
Madison Fairchild was born with painful genetic malformation.
Family Posts 1st Picture of Teen Survivor in Kalamazoo Shooting
Abigail Kopf, 14, was seriously wounded in last month's shooting.
How Raising California Smoking Age Could Save Lives
Experts discuss how changing law could save lives.
Birth of a Sibling Could Mean Healthier BMI for First-Born
Gaining a sibling before age 4 may be linked with lower body weight later on.