Could Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Diabetes?
A study in mice shows promise for humans with diabetes.
Holiday Hazards for Diabetics
Tempting holiday favorites may pose health risks for those with diabetes.
So Many Stars With Diabetes
Even some of our biggest stars aren't immune to America's diabetes epidemic.
The Horror of Amputation
Americans Ignore Warning Signs -- 200-plus Amputations a Day, Many Avoidable
Wear the Wrong Shoes, Get Your Feet Amputated?
Many diabetics wear the wrong size shoes, risking foot problems and amputations.
Medical Warning Tattoos in Vogue?
Some diabetics opt for tattoos instead of bracelets to warn emergency personnel.
Managing Diabetes With Exercise
Are you doing what it takes to handle or prevent diabetes?
Diabetes Nannies to the Rescue
In Germany, help for diabetics is only a phone call away.
Huckabee's Marathon: Rotund to Runner
GOP candidate's diabetes, weight struggle shapes health-policy views.
Can Only the Rich Afford a Healthy Diet?
Healthy foods are too expensive for millions, research shows.
Elite College Cashes In on Diabetes Pain Drug
Northwestern University rakes in $700 million for drug used for diabetes pain.
Dorm Rooms, Debauchery and Diabetes
Blood sugar perils abound for diabetic college students, but there is help.
When Traveling With Diabetes, Be Prepared
Diabetes experts say diabetics must take special precautions when traveling.
Low Vitamin D May Worsen Breast Cancer
Breast cancer tends to be more aggressive in patients deficient in the nutrient.
Even After Stopping HRT, Risks Linger
A higher risk of cancer is seen even in women who have stopped hormone therapy.
Study: Many Docs Don't Give Women All Breast Surgery Options
Many breast cancer patients are not told of breast reconstruction options.
Costs of Living: Women Struggle With Breast Cancer Expenses
Paying for screening and cancer treatment, even when insured, can be a struggle.
Unlocking Tamoxifen's Power
Genes Key to Effectiveness
Does Your Pet Have Breast Cancer?
Owners can take steps to protect their pets' lives from deadly disease.
Breast Cancer Risk Rises With Weight Gain
Women who become overweight in middle age increase their breast cancer risk.
How a Diary Can Double Your Weight Loss
Those who keep track of what they eat lose weight twice as fast, a study says.
The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating
Doing your body a world of good is as easy as expanding your grocery list.
How to Eat Better on Less Money
Healthy eating in a bad economy need not be pricey, says one nutritionist.
Do Obese People Worsen Global Warming?
A letter in the Lancet medical journal sparks outrage from obesity experts.
Java for Longevity? Filtering Coffee Studies
New research prompts question: how should we process all these coffee studies?
Pole Walking Offers Low-Pain Workout
One fitness expert suggests pole walking as an exercise option.
Can You Sing Yourself Slimmer?
Some women say a new CD helps them achieve their weight-loss goals.
The Truth About Trans Fats
Research now suggests that certain kinds of trans fats might be good for you.
30 Minutes to a Better Body
Streamlining your fitness routine can work wonders, one fitness expert explains.
No Simple Recipe for Slim Kids
Making school snacks healthier may solve only part of the obesity problem
Atkins Could Be Your Best Bet for Weight Loss
Study rates Atkins best trend diet pack, but some experts beg to differ.
Finally, a Reason Why Nice Guys Finish Last
New research suggests a biological reason for why bad boys get all the girls.
Sex Change for Kids? Controversy Swirls
A misunderstood procedure garners widespread attention.
Opinion: When Biology Doesn't Explain Gay
Researchers say gay brains are different; this bride says her brain is straight.
When Chronic Pain Threatens Intimacy
For some couples, the persistent pain of fibromyalgia can make sex a challenge.
10 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Avoid
Some medical beauty procedures are not worth the risk.
When Big Breasts Are a Big Pain
While one woman seeks the world's largest breasts, others want theirs reduced.
Some Lip Gloss May Promote Cancer
There's no proof yet but lips at risk from sun, too
Bone-Lengthening for Disfiguring Disease
A 9-year-old girl with a rare bone condition had successful arm-lengthening.
It's Not a Tumor, It's a Brain Worm
Doctor surprised to find a worm living inside a woman's brain.
Chocolate May Have Health Benefits
Flavonoids in dark chocolate may actually help blood flow in arteries.
Making Diets Work for You
Smart diet decisions that can help you stay healthy.
Testing for Lung Cancer
How promising is a new test that claims to detect lung cancer early?y.
Is Garlic a Cholesterol Cure-All?
Garlic is a home remedy that is commonly used to to aid in lowering cholesterol.
Painless Flu Vaccine for Kids
New nasal spray protects kids against the flu without the pain.
How Pollution Poisons the Heart
Air pollution may increase heart problem risks that could lead to early death.
Predicting the Risk of Heart Attack
One of the nation's leading cardiologists on the new biomarker blood test.
Sudden Death in Young Athletes
Protective gear may not protect kids from the fatal effects of chest injuries.
Alzheimer's Disease - 100 Years
Dr. Gary Small offers tips for staying healthy, and protecting your brain.
Bodybuilder Weighs In at 19 Pounds
Charlotte Ponce, 11, is lost her ear when a raccoon mauled her at 3 months old.
Once-Heaviest Man Ties the Knot
Manuel Uribe -- 550 pounds lighter -- married love Claudia Solis in Mexico.