Why Health Care Premiums Are Rising Under 'Obamacare'
Premiums are expected to rise an average of 22 percent.
Mom Uses IVF to Protect Daughter From BRCA Mutation
Lindsay Avner gave birth to her daughter last month.
Bats Proposed as Latest Weapon to Fight Zika Virus in Miami
Bats may soon be used by the city as officials scramble to combat Zika.
Twins Joined at Head Separated After 20-Hour Surgery
Boys were born conjoined at the head.
Locally Transmitted Zika Cases Found in New Area in Florida
This is the third area to have local Zika transmission in Florida.
Natural Disasters May Increase Substance Abuse Risk, Study Finds
Study examined substance abuse rates before and after Hurricane Katrina.
Boston and San Francisco Most Active U.S. Cities, Report Finds
East coast cities are among most active in U.S.
Health Issues After Hurricane Matthew Could Include Increased Zika
Hazards for coastal communities beginning to clean up after the storm.
Dozens of Cholera Cases Reported in Haiti After Hurricane Matthew
Cholera is on the rise after the hurricane killed hundreds.
Florida Parents Celebrate Birth of Twins During Hurricane Matthew
Twins born via c-section had to be moved to higher ground hours later.
Hurricane Health Risks Can Last Long After Storm Passes
Big storms can increase the risk of a variety of health conditions.
Florida Hospitals Prepare for Hit From Hurricane Matthew
Some hospitals have evacuated patients ahead of massive storm.
Woman's Mystery Illness Turns Out to Be Tick-Borne Disease
Patient had seizures, fever and other symptoms before doctors found a cause.
Blood Clot Removal Could Help More Stroke Victims, Study Finds
Study found some stroke patients benefited from early clot removal.
Why Superpotent Synthetic Opioids Are 'Crazy Dangerous,' DEA Says
Synthetics are significantly more potent than heroin and many other opioids.
The 10 Healthiest Places to Live in America
From Hawaii to New Hampshire, here's where to move for your health.
Allergists Warn Against Using 'DIY EpiPen'
The rising cost of EpiPens has driven some to look for alternatives.
Cancer-Stricken Girl in Remission After Experimental Treatment
Erin Cross, 6, received an experimental treatment to fight leukemia.
Kellogg Recall of Eggo Waffle Batch Is the Latest of Listeria Concerns
Kellogg has recalled 10,000 cases of one variety of Eggo waffles.
FDA Launches Contest for Opioid Antidote App
Winner of app contest will get $40,000.
UN Leaders Discuss Dwindling Options for Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases
UN leaders meet today to discuss dangers of antibiotic-resistant diseases.
School Sex Education Around the Globe is Out of Touch With Teens, Study Finds
Surveys of young people in 10 countries found dissatisfaction with sex ed.
Zika Virus Found in Eyes of Adult Patients, Study Finds
Lesions have been found in patients with the disease.
Husband Speaks Out About Postpartum Depression After Losing Wife
The husband spoke during Suicide Prevention Month.
Inside Clinton and Trump's Health History Disclosures
Both camps have released health information this week.
Clinton's Pneumonia Diagnosis: What You Should Know
There are a variety of different kinds of pneumonia.
'Alternate' Vaccine Doctor Robert Sears Accused of Gross Negligence
Dr. Robert Sears has made a name with his controversial immunization schedule.
Sugar Industry Paid for Medical Review in 1960s, Report Finds
The research downplayed the link between sugar and heart disease.
9/11 First Responders Battle Toxic Exposures 15 Years Later
More than 120 firefighters have died from ground zero-related illnesses.
Therapy Dog Shows What Canine Care Looks Like in GoPro Vid
Seattle Children's Hospital reveals a day in the life of therapy dog.
EpiPen Price Hike Prompts Some US Families to Buy the Drug in Canada
The price for the EpiPen has increased dramatically since 2009.
Why Parents Aren't Vaccinating Their Kids
Debunked claims about autism and vaccines aren't main the reason, study shows.
Generic EpiPen Could Still Be Costly for Families
Generic would cost about half the current $600 price for set of two.
Senate Calls for EpiPen Maker to Give Briefing on Price Hike
The Senate Aging Committee says the price increase was "drastic."
Achoo! See the Anatomy of a Sneeze
Researchers filmed a sneeze at 1000 frames per second.
Senator Questions EpiPen Pricing by Company His Daughter Runs
Mylan Pharmaceuticals vows to expand discount program for $600 drug.
Teen Is 4th Person to Survive Brain-Eating Amoeba in 50 Years
Doctors cooled the teen's body temperature to 33 degrees to save him.
‘Never Give Up’: Adorable 9-Year-Old Double-Hand Amputee on Overcoming Difficulties
Zion Harvey wants to inspire others after recovering from historic transplant.
Traumatized Syrians Go Online for Mental Health Care
The ongoing crisis in Syria has left many mentally and physically scarred.
Devastating Effects of Zika Seen in New Fetal Scans
Researchers are learning how Zika affects fetal brain development.
Drug Prices Remain High Without Generic Competitors, Study Finds
Study breaks down high U.S. drug pricing.
Florida Zika Outbreak: Students to Get Zika Lessons, Mosquito Protection
Outbreak has infected at least 36 people in south Florida.
Parents Want 'Opt-Out' Option for HPV Vaccine, Study Finds
Researchers found parents still wary of HPV vaccine.
CDC Issues Travel Warning After 5 Infected in New Florida Zika Transmission
CDC issues new travel warning for affected area.
More Hispanics Uninsured Despite Obamacare Gains
Undocumented status and language barriers among the hurdles to coverage.
Baltimore Pastor's Non-Profit Helps Families With Mental Health After Violence
Violence can take a toll on mental as well as physical health.
Florida Zika Outbreak: Why More Cases Don't Mean the Outbreak is Growing
Three new Zika cases were reported yesterday, which may be par for the course.
What It’s Like to Be a Minority in Medicine
Underrepresented minorities make up just 6 percent of U.S. physicians.
Family Isolated for 2 Years Hoping to Qualify for Daughter's Experimental Treatment
Daughter has rare, fatal genetic condition dubbed "child Alzheimer's."