Pink Gloves, YouTube Vid Inspire Fight Against Cancer
Video featuring hospital staff in pink gloves has over 1.6 mil hits on YouTube.
Skip Annual Mammograms Under 50? New Guidelines Raise Questions, Beg Answers
Recommendations set off a debate over the costs and benefits of mammography.
Husband, Wife Both Battle Breast Cancer
A Ohio couple is fighting breast cancer together after dual diagnoses.
When Breast Cancer Patients Abandon Meds
What should a daughter do when her mother seeks alternative treatment?
Antidepressant, Breast Cancer Drug May Not Mix
Two conflicting studies during the Am. Society for Clinical Oncology meeting.
Is This Underwear ... Healthy?
ABC News examines underwear that claims to banish cellulite, drain toxins.
Heavy Hearts: Guilt and Genetic Disease
Why parents feel guilty for passing down diseases, and why they shouldn't.
Drink for Your Heart, Abstain for Cancer?
A study focusing on women shows a few drinks a week can increase cancer risk.
Pregnancy Doesn't Hurt Breast Cancer Care
Pregnant women can get chemo; early detection still lags, however.
Robin's Cancer Journey, in Her Own Words
Robin Roberts on living and working with cancer, with help from family, friends.
Acupuncture Eases Side Effects of Cancer Treatments
New research shows that this ancient medicine can treat cancer's side effects.
Applegate's Breast Removal to Stop Cancer
In an exclusive interview, Applegate speaks of her double mastectomy.
Breast Cancer Recurrence Debate Rages
Some say new research could give women the wrong idea about breast cancer.
Robin Roberts Celebrates End of Chemo
GMA anchor shares her last day of chemo, six months after breast cancer.
Does Your Pet Have Breast Cancer?
Owners can take steps to protect their pets' lives from deadly disease.
Breast Cancer Risk Rises With Weight Gain
Women who become overweight in middle age increase their breast cancer risk.
Replacing the Irreplaceable After Cancer
Some doctors remain wary of silicone implants for postmastectomy patients.
Arab Women Fighting Cancer's Stigma
Once the word "breast" couldn't even be used, but more women are speaking out.
Male Country Singer Battles Breast Cancer
While more common in women, breast cancer also hits men.
Hair Loss Doll Preps Kids for Mom's Cancer
A new doll mimics the changes in appearance that come with chemo treatments.
Costs of Living: Women Struggle With Breast Cancer Expenses
Paying for screening and cancer treatment, even when insured, can be a struggle.
Deanna Favre's 'Don't Bet Against Me'
Wife of GB Packers Brett Favre pens new memoir about beating breast cancer.
Your Breast Cancer Too Costly to Cover?
If your health insurance isn't enough to cover your care, share your story.
Cartoon Character's Death Causes Controversy
"Funky Winkerbean" comic strip character is killed off, prompting discussion.
Fighting the Triple Negative Threat
Doctors are trying new treatments for the scariest kind of breast cancer.
A 'Smart Bra' to Find Breast Cancer?
Cancer doctors say hopes for the new invention may as yet be overpadded.
Breast Cancer Death Rates Declining
Breast cancer death rates decline by approximately 2 percent per year.
Preventing Breast Cancer
Advice for protecting yourself against the deadly cancer.
Wellness Lingerie
The "Brassage" promises to massage away toxins and help prevent breast cancer.
Healthy Life (10.31.08)
Braca gene tests are doctor's newest weapons in the fight against breast cancer.
A Breast Cancer Story
A close look at one woman's diagnosis and treatment.
The Latest in Breast Cancer Prevention
Doctors discuss a new program for the detection and prevention of cancer.
Cashing In for Breast Cancer
Anthony Holder explains how you can contribute through "Process Pink."
Breast Cancer: Searching for the Cause
Dr. Susan Love is trying to solve the mystery behind this disease.
A Different Look at Breast Cancer
Two women take a positive view when diagnosed with cancer.
Pink Plane Takes Flight
Breast cancer survivors employed by Delta or Northwest receive a pink treat.
Acupuncture May Aid Cancer Treatment
Breast cancer treatment side effects in women may be reduced by acupuncture.
Breast Cancer Breakthrough
Research leads to possible promising vaccine that could eliminate breast cancer.
Healthy Life (08. 26.08)
Study suggests mothers who breast-feed may lower their risk of breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Relapse Risk Low
Study shows relapse rates are down for patients who receive proper treatment.
Robin's Striking Runway Debut
The GMA anchor models a glamorous red dress in Isaac Mizrahi's fashion show.
Deanna Favre Tackles Breast Cancer
Quarterback Brett Favre's wife has written a memoir, "Don't Bet Against Me!"
Drinking Wine and Helping Breast Cancer Research
A new line of wines from Napa Valley donate proceeds to charity.
'Frosted Pink' Joins the Fight
Oksana Baiul and friends raise awareness to put breast cancer on ice.
Cancer-Fighting Foods
The claims are dramatic, but can diets really help prevent breast cancer?
Planning for Breast Cancer Treatment
Web site offers women a 10-year plan to help take control of their diagnosis.
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
A look at the accuracy of the test for the breast cancer gene.
A Nice Day for a ... Pink Wedding?
More brides choose to wear pink to raise awareness about breast cancer.
How Family History Affects Breast Cancer
Two sisters explore breast cancer risk and prevention.
Breast Cancer and Race
Black women don't receive the same levels of treatment as white women.
Motherhood After Breast Cancer
Randi Rosenberg had a baby six years after her diagnosis.