North Korea's First Communist 'Party Congress' in 36 Years
Kim Jong-un expected to boast about his successes, but why now?
Alberta Declares Emergency as Fires Threaten Canada Oil Town
Alberta declares a state of emergency as crews frantically held back wind-whipped wildfires that have already torched 1,600...
Pregnant Woman Dies at Haiti Hospital Amid Strike by Staff
A bleeding pregnant woman dropped dead outside Haiti's largest public hospital amid a six-week-old strike by medical staff
Australia Says Most Dangerous Australian IS Operative Killed
The Australian government says Australia's most dangerous known Islamic State movement operative has been killed in a U.S....
Mexico City Declares 3rd Day of Traffic Cuts Over High Smog
Mexico City is ordering 40 percent of cars and trucks to stay off the streets Thursday, extending for a third day a pollution...
Former Head of Argentine Air Force on Trial for Abduction
The former head of Argentina's air force and two ex-subordinates are on trial for alleged abduction and disappearance of...
Ecuadoreans in US Seek Immigration Help After Quake
Ecuadoreans immigrants are asking the Obama administration to allow their fellow citizens living in the United States...
Residents Evacuated as Fires Threaten Canada Oil Sands Town
A wildfire forced the evacuation of the Canadian oil sands city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, burning 1,600 structures,...
GM to Resume Production at 4 Plants Idled by Japan Quakes
General Motors is on track to resume full operations at four North American plants where vehicle assembly was halted because...
Brazil President Impeachment Recommended in Senate
A Brazilian senator selected as a fact-finder by a special Senate commission considering the impeachment of President Dilma...
US Declares Aleppo Cease-Fire, Syria Says Only for 48 Hours
Sporadic violence persists in Aleppo as U.S. officials announce an agreement with Russia to extend Syria's fragile cease-fire...
Wildfires Rage in Fort McMurray, Alberta, in Canada
More than 80,000 residents have been ordered to leave.
Canada Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate
More than 80,000 residents have been ordered to flee.
ARCHIVE VIDEO: Fidel Castro and Barbara Walters Discuss the US Embargo and Cuba's Economy in 2002
Oct. 11, 2002: Castro imagines Cuba's economic future if the U.S. were to lift its embargo.
ARCHIVE VIDEO: Fidel Castro and Barbara Walters Reflect on Cuban Missile Crisis in 2002.
Oct. 11, 2002: Forty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Walters asks Castro to describe his communications with the Soviet...
ARCHIVE VIDEO: Fidel Castro Tells Barbara Walters in 2002 That Socialism Works in His Country
Oct. 11, 2002: Castro and Walters debate his stance on demonstrations and protests in Cuba.
ARCHIVE VIDEO: Fidel Castro Tells Barbara Walters in 2002, 'History Will Absolve Me'
Oct. 11, 2002: Castro explains why history was his favorite subject in school.
Raw Video Captures Battle Where American Serviceman Was Killed in Iraq
The video shows a battle near Irbil, Iraq, against ISIS forces but does not show the frontline where the serviceman was...
Baby Rescued From Kenyan Building Rubble After 3 Days
A 6-month-old baby girl has been rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building in Nairobi, Kenya, after surviving by...
US Cruise Ship Docks in Cuba for 1st Time in Nearly 40 Years
The Adonia ship, run by Carnival, left from Miami Sunday on a historic trip that represents a new step in normalizing...
Video Shows the Moment a Syrian Government Missile Hit an Aleppo Hospital
Video shows the tragic moment a Syrian government missile struck a hospital in Aleppo last week, killing around fifty people.
GMA 05/04/16: Cruz Suspends Campaign, Presidential Race Pivots to General Election
How to Protect Yourself Against the Zika Virus; 'Captain America: Civil War' Stars Surprise 'GMA' Audience
Nightline 05/03/16: Cruz Out, What Indiana Primary Results Mean for Election 2016
33 Rescued Circus Lions Get a Chance at a New Life; Daredevils Perform Dangerous Stunt from Crane in Moscow
World News 05/03/16: Ted Cruz Suspends Campaign After Donald Trump Wins Big in Indiana Primary
Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana, Delegate Math Still Favors Hillary Clinton; Thousands Audition for Broadway Hit "Hamilton."
This Week 05/01/16: Indiana Primary Could Be Big for Presidential Front-Runners
Guests: Ted Cruz, Robert Gates, Matt Dowd, EJ Dionne, Kristen Soltis Anderson, LZ Granderson
20/20 04/29/16: A Father's Story
Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father on Son's Childhood; Ron Miscavige Says Son Changed After Joining Scientology.